Four Brits who posed for selfies at La Palma volcano joke they are ‘Spain’s most wanted’

FOUR BRITS who breached police checkpoints to pose for Selfies at the La Palma volcano have joked they are now “Spain’s most wanted”.

Seb Jones, Andy Flavell, Tom Whaite and Zack Hurley took pictures of themselves near where rivers of 1075C molten lava are pouring down from the erupting Cumbre Vieja.

The four men joked about being 'Spain's most wanted'


The four men joked about being ‘Spain’s most wanted’Credit: Solarpix
The men snuck around police barriers and hiked five hours to get to the volcano top


The men snuck around police barriers and hiked five hours to get to the volcano topCredit: Solarpix

The gym fans from the UK posed online and shared snaps of them in front of the deadly lava to their followers and bragged about being “Spain’s most wanted”.

According to the group they took a plane, rented a car and took a ferry all before completing a five hour night hike around the army’s roadblocks just to get the snaps.

Posting online Zack said: “F** me I’m Spain’s most wanted now, all over the local news. Honestly now these men want to have a MINUTE!

“I’ve been receiving pure s*** for two days now, death threats the lot, wishing me Mam dead and telling me I have a square head hahaha.

“I said to them ‘I’ve not f***ing lit it, I just went up for a look’ ……. I wasn’t laughing or disrespectful, it’s a wonder of the world at the end of the day.”

Seb Jones added: “We wasn’t disrespecting no body it’s a volcano on a volcanic island, it’s devastating & fascinating all at the same time!!

“No harm intended we just wanted to witness it first hand & we did!!! It was MEGA!!!”

And security doorman Andy Flavell from Durham, said online: “La Palma’s most wanted, listen yeah we didn’t hurt anyone or any animals, or did we put out any emergency services nothing. We didn’t lite the volcano or make it worse.

“Just wanted to witness mother nature doing her thing with our own eyes, and we did!

“Been receiving pure hate.. now this was one week ago we went to La Palma.. I’m sure they have more to be dealing with than us 4 who went LAST WEEK.”

The men face possible court action for putting their lives and those of the security services at risk, according to local media.

The molten rock has so far covered over 1,885 acres of land and destroyed around 2,000 buildings.

One of the 'closed road' signs the men snuck past


One of the ‘closed road’ signs the men snuck pastCredit: Solarpix
The men aren't sorry for putting emergency services lives at risk


The men aren’t sorry for putting emergency services lives at riskCredit: Solarpix

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