Foundation of Asia's biggest ethanol unit laid in Gonda dist | Lucknow News – Times of India

Gorakhpur: The money that goes to foreign countries for diesel and petrol will now directly reach farmers, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while laying the foundation of Asia’s biggest ethanol plant on Balrampur Sugar Mill premises in Gonda’s Maijapur area, on Saturday.
“Now farmers will be producing diesel and petrol along with sugarcane in farms and the money which used to go abroad, in the Middle East, will go to the pocket of farmers. Small portions of money spent on diesel and petrol were used in anti-India activities and our money was being used against us. When farmers will be happy, prosperity will come. With ethanol plants, more job opportunities will be created for youth,” said the CM. He further said that better connectivity is required for the plant and the investment in the area will open the gate to employment opportunities and business.
Speaking on the occasion, CM Yogi again raised the Jinnah issue while criticizing opposition and said that before 2017, the governments used to take back cases against the terrorists attacking the Ramjanmanhoomi in Ayodhaya. These people are rioters and followers of Jinnah and they won’t be able to understand the sweetness of sugarcane.
“Since the BJP came to power in the state, festivals were celebrated peacefully and even Covid was defeated. This is the picture of new Uttar Pradesh and we made the state riot free as not even a single riot has taken place in the last 4 years. BJP killed the terrorists after entering their den,” he said.
He said, “Congress, Bua (BSP) and Babua (SP) got enough chances to do development but earlier very less work was done for development. During 4 .5 years only in Gonda, we provided PM Awas to 42,000 people.”



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