Fortnite Season 7 BATTLE PASS: New skins and mode coming TODAY

The Fortnite Season 7 battle pass will be available to buy later today, following the big 7.0 update.

As fans will already know, the Fortnite Battle Pass is renewed every season and contains special items exclusive to it.

This includes cosmetic rewards, such as new skins, outfits, gliders and harvesting tools, as well as a number of other items thrown in by Epic Games.

Each new Battle Pass has a theme, with Fortnite Season 7 offering up a seasonal winter setting.

This likely means that a lot of the new outfits will be around traditional snow gear, with a few other extras added along the way.

Items are offered in tiers in any Battle Pass, and Season 7 will be no different. Players can level up their tiers faster by completing Weekly Challenges to unlock additional rewards like progressive outfits, Pets and exclusive cosmetics.

This means over 100 rewards worth over 25,000 V-Bucks that take around 75 to 150 hours of play to unlock and usually cost around 950 V-Bucks.

Players can also buy up to 100 tiers, each for 150 V-Bucks if they want to, although completing weekly challenges is usually enough to claim all the best gear.

Season 7 could include some new items, with Season 6 offering Pets for the first time in Fortnite.

These passive companions are always by your side – reacting to different situations you find yourself in.

All items earned during a season are yours to keep and will not disappear with the start of a new one.


As mentioned above, Epic Games have only been providing teasers so far on what will be included as part of Fortnite Season 7.

One interesting tidbit is that the first teaser released for the past couple of season has proven to be an unlockable cosmetic in the Battle Pass.

So with that in mind, players might get the chance to unlock the Ice King-like figure shown earlier this week.

There have also been new leaks that have provided a look at what will be included in the new Season 7 Battle Pass.

Captured by CrossLeaks over on Twitter, the three new Season 7 skins can be seen below.

It looks like the skins will be available to unlock for Battle Pass users as different rewards.

While two of the skins seem fairly generic, the third outfit looks like a badass Santa.

It certainly fits in with the festive theme for Season 7.

Judging by the image, one of the skins has been cut out on the right-hand side.

It’s believed this is the Durr Burger Onesie skin that was recently added to the game files.


A new mode is also being added to the game as part of the Fortnite Season 7 launch.

This will be Creative Mode, a special sandbox experience that allows players to create by themselves.

Creative Mode will be available to all Fortnite players eventually, but until December 13, only those with a Battle Pass will be able to play.

That means if you buy a Season 7 Battle Pass today, you get the first chance to try out Epic Games’ latest creation.

Players will be able to design new games, race around the island, as well as battle their friends in new ways.

This will all be happening on their own private island where everything you make is saved from session to session.

“Battle Pass owners will have access to a private island for the first week of Season 7,” Epic Games confirms.

“During this early access week Battle Pass owners can invite their friends to play on their island.

“Starting December 13, all players will have access to a private island for free.”

It looks like the first weeks of the new Creative mode are going to be used as a beta by Epic Games.

And offering it to Battle Pass users first will no doubt help to drive sales of the cosmetic pass, which is a big part of any new season launch.


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