Fortnite season 5: Does teaser show Bastet, Kitsune or Kabuki mask? What does it all mean?

season 5 is coming this week, and the first official teaser for the new Battle Pass has today been revealed by Epic Games on Twitter.

The teaser shows a cat-like mask as well as the cracks that have been appearing in the Battle Royale sky since the rocket launch.

The mysterious teaser image has left Fortnite fans wondering what it means, with theories that it could show a Bastet, Kitsune or Kabuki mask.

But what could this mean? And what are the Fortnite season 5 theories behind these different types of masks?

If you’re wondering what the Fortnite season 5 teaser means, then has you covered.

We have rounded up the importance of these different masks and what impact each could have on Fortnite season 5.


Soon after the Fortnite season 5 teaser was revealed members of the Battle Royale Reddit page offered theories on what it could be showing.

One claimed the mask could be showing Bastet, the cat goddess in Ancient Egypt.

The Redditor said: “Egyptian? Looks like Bastet, cat goddess in ancient Egypt.

“Edit: Yes it’s Bastet, silly me!”

If the image shown in the Fortnite season 5 teaser is of Bastet, then it could be hinting at an Ancient Egypt setting in the new Battle Pass.

It’s been rumoured that Fortnite season 5 will see Battle Royale players travel back in time to bygone eras.

A Wild West setting has been heavily rumoured, and it could be possible that different points of interest are focused on different eras in time.


If the Fortnite season 5 teaser is depicting a Kistune mask, then it could be of important for other reasons.

Maybe this is Epic Games’s way of subtly hinting that they’re about to throw a curveball and have an ancient Japan setting?

Alternatively, the meaning behind the Kitsune mask is what the Fortnite makers could be hinting towards.

According to a post on Fandom, some Japanese folk stories talk of the Kitsune’s ability to bend time and space.

The post said: “Some tales speak of kitsune with even greater powers, able to bend time and space, drive people mad, or take fantastic shapes such as a tree of incredible height or a second moon in the sky.”

If the Fortnite season 5 teaser is depicting a Kistune mask, then it could be a subtle hint that time travel will play a part in the new Battle Pass.


It has also been claimed the first Fortnite season 5 teaser could be showing a Kabuki mask.

Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama that first started to gain prominence in the early 1600s.

The 1600s is also when the Edo Period started, which is when the Samurai gained the highest social status possible in Japan.

Could this be a subtle hint from Epic Games that Fortnite season 5 will have a Samurai setting?

It would be a huge curveball considering fans had been widely expecting a Wild West or Ancient Egypt theme.


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