Fortnite might be cannibalising the microtransaction revenue from the industry’s biggest franchises

The battle royale titan Fortnite is theorized to be cannibalising the microtransactions revenue from leading console titles, according to market research firm SuperData.

The analysis suggests that sales of Fortnite’s cosmetics are causing a 6% drop in the revenue from microtransactions in other console titles. SuperData poses the question of if Epic’s spectacular success with Fortnite carries with it a significant financial downside for its rival publishers.

The report also shows a 49% increase in revenue from in-game purchases on consoles across all titles, and notes that rival publishers Activision Blizzard and EA credit Fortnite as having introduced more players to their games. EA argued that Fortnite was “bringing younger people into the marketplace and younger people into first-person shooters.”


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