Former Victoria’s Secret employee shares things you need to know about your bra size

Are you all clued up on our bra size?(Picture:daeelynnicole_ )

Navigating bra sizes is a minefield.

Many of us wear the wrong ones, stick to the same size for years, and generally know little about what’s best for our boobs.

So one former Victoria’s Secret bra specialist is sharing all the things people need to know about our underwear.

Daelyn Nicole, from the UK, has been sharing tips on her TikTok about common misconceptions as well as educating viewers on how to find best-fitting bras.

She said in a series of videos that women should be getting measured or doing it themselves every six months.

This is due to the possibility of putting on or losing weight, which would impact the bra size.

Daelyn said a lot of women don’t understand that if you go up or down in the band size, your cup size also changes.


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If you’re wondering how to figure out what your new cup size is, Daelyn says it correlates to your band width.

Referring to this as ‘sister size’ Daelyn says that for every size you go up in a band, you must go down in a cup.

Using her own 32D measurements as an example, she says her sister sizes would be 30DD (down a cup, up a band) or 34C (up a cup, down a band).

The former specialist said whether you’ve lost or gained weight, your breasts might remain the same, but adjusting your bra size means the bra fits better around the back.

Daelyn was a bra specialise for five years (Picture:daeelynnicole_ )

Daelyn advised against wearing bras that ride up at the back, meaning they are not the right fit.

She also recommended securing the bra on its last hook at the back (instead of the tightest). This is because the material stretches over time so will need to be adjusted in future.

If you’re already on the tightest hook, you can’t make it any tighter and will be left with a loose-fitting item by the end.

‘The trick is to not only find bras that fit your size, but your breast shape,’ Daelyn says on her channel.

‘The whole point of me sharing these videos.. I’m just trying to share knowledge I think all women can benefit from whenever she goes to buy a bra.’

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