Former Labour leader and Remainer Ed Miliband claims in leaflet he’s voted for a Brexit deal 9 times

EX-Labour leader Ed Miliband exposed the party’s panic in its northern heartlands in a leaflet to constituents claiming he had voted for a Brexit deal nine times.

This is despite him being a prominent campaigner for a second EU referendum and repeatedly refusing to back one in five years in charge.

 Ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband claimed he had voted for a Brexit deal nine times


Ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband claimed he had voted for a Brexit deal nine timesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Critics also pointed out he voted against Theresa May’s three Brexit deals and Boris Johnson’s.

He told Doncaster North constituents: “We need to sort Brexit. I’ve voted nine times in Parliament for a deal to do that.”

The Tories accused him of lying in a desperate bid to cling on to his seat.

Four neighbouring Labour-held seats are odds-on to be lost to the Tories, according to YouGov’s seat projection.


Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said: “It’s clear what Labour’s new strategy is in Leave voting constituencies — lie.

“People like Ed Miliband are destroying trust in democracy by saying they accept the result of democratic votes then working to overturn them.”

Mr Miliband’s spokesman said: “Ed has voted nine times for a customs union, single market and other Labour proposals for a Brexit deal.”

Pensions lady ‘lies’

MEN could get pension cash promised to women by Labour — simply by saying they are female.

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to hand £58billion to those hit by changes to the state pension age.

His manifesto pledges to allow people to switch gender by self-declaring.

James Roberts, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “This is just one of the ways taxpayers are likely to be stung by daft promises made by Corbyn.

“Letting people redefine their gender could see canny baby boomers cheat the system.

“Creating loopholes and costing cash are hallmarks of yet more badly thought out election promises.”

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