Former John McDonnell adviser struggles to address ’striking’ poll about Boris vs Corbyn

The Shadow Chancellor’s former advisor was speaking on Channel 4 News when he was asked about the striking result of the poll. The Channel 4 News host said: “One survey on trust in the last few days has suggested that Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are level pegging on trust on the NHS. That could be a rogue poll, but it is quite striking isn’t it?”

Mr Meadway replied: “I think on this opinion polls come and opinion polls go.”

“What matters is what happens during the campaign.

“If you see what’s happening today I think fairly clearly there was an attempt by the Conservatives to get out of talking about the NHS and start talking about immigration instead.

“This sort of 840,00 figure they tried to wave around.

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He continued: “That is probably what they wanted people to talk about.

“There were hints from Boris johnson’s response to these pretty awful accident and emergency figures.

“Talking about pressures on the NHS it looked like a dog whistle to be quite honest following on for the immigration talk.

“But really it has been all about the NHS today and that is good for Labour because people can see the state of things.”

“But I have to say, do I find Jeremy Corbyn as a private individual somebody who is sincere in beliefs which I happen to disagree with? Yes, I do.

“Whereas I have to say that I find Boris Johnson as an individual someone who I regard as wholly insincere, who is willing to say almost anything to anybody if he thinks it’s going to be at his advantage at any given moment.

I’ve never experienced a politician in modern British history who is so elastic with truth.

“And also willing to resort to telling whopping lies against other people if he thinks it suits him and that really worries me.”


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