Ford's F-Series is its best-selling car – What's next?

fords f series is the best selling car

ACCORDING to CNN Money, Ford has sold enough F-Series to circle the Earth three times!

The sheer number (26 million!!) of vehicles in this series sold can be traced back to 1977 when the model first came out. 

For 40 consecutive years, Ford has successfully sold the impressive number of trucks to American farmers, in the beginning, but since then, the history and status of this vehicle have evolved enormously. 

Because of its fulminant evolution, the F-series has changed people’s relationship with and mentality about trucks. These are no longer used for farming activities.

Today, people all over the US use the Ford F-series to commute to and from work, pick up their kids from school, and meet their friends at a Sunday baseball game; these cars are part of their lifestyle. 

In the past several years, the F-150 has received top safety ratings, and the trend seems to be steady for the following years, as well. But, what is in store for Ford F-Series in the years to come? Keep reading below for more insights. 

What are F-150 buyers looking into?

Ford F-150 reviews seem to explain it best. The buyer is looking into higher off-road capabilities, speed, and convenience. The 2019 F-150 Limited has recently been voted as the fastest truck out there. 

The technical specs of the F-150 are similar to the Raptor’s. With a turbocharged V6 engine, which gets out 450 horsepower, the car is downright irresistible. 

If getting it up and running is no problem, stopping it is just as easy. The giant can stop completely in under 168 feet. With the aid of a pair of 22-inch Pirelli all-season, tires, the car is smooth and well-behaved, even on slippery roads. 

If you thought all that speed, horsepower and safety come with a stiff price tag, you should know it’s a relatively affordable one. Well, otherwise, buyers wouldn’t keep buying this gem, would they?!

F-150 – an electric vehicle?

Some spy shots taken in March 2019 reveal there is a solid possibility to assist at the creation of the first EV of this series.

Although the pictures showed an exhaust pipe, according to specialists in the field, it wasn’t connected to anything. So, surprise, surprise, America’s most-loved car becomes eco-friendly, too!

But we should praise the staff at Ford for trying to conceal all these features before the big release. According to specialists in the field, the engineers also tried to hide the charging panel on the driver’s side. This is a lot of dedication and commitment here!

Full specs on the electric F-150 are still not available, but we can assume it will perform just as wonderfully as the traditional models in the series. 

Ford’s future plans

At the Detroit Auto show, Ford revealed that the company’s expansion plans for the future focus on including more SUVs and trucks and cutting back the production of their US offer. The consecrated models (we’re looking at you, F-150!) will still be part of the manufacturer’s offer, but a 2019 Ranger midsize pickup is expected to change the game. 

The sales of mix sales and trucks are expected to grow by over 80% in the following two years, according to the automaker representatives.

The automaker also plans to beat the competition in the EV sector and boost production lines for their hybrid and fully electric vehicles by 2021. 

In the following two years, all vehicles injected in the market will be hybrid or will have a plug-in hybrid option. With bigger and meaner vehicles, the automaker needs to reduce the impact rising gas prices have on the American consumer. 

Now, although we know the company plans to get off the market two sends, we still don’t know what models they’re talking about. But what we know for sure is that Fords plans to perfect the Fusion and Mustang, and their SUV and commercial vehicle lines.

Although this is a bold move for the manufacturer, the US market seems to migrate already to SUVs and utility trucks. The sales rates on these two types of vehicles have skyrocketed in the past few years, with no clear signs of stopping. 

The future looks bright, for Ford, especially since plans to go electric or hybrid have emerged. The ever-growing fuel prices on the America market will make the consumer more conscious, but Ford has their back.  

Big changes on assembly plants

With a growing demand for their vehicles, Ford plans to increase the production rates in all its plants across the world, by 20%. Similar plans are made for the company’s boardrooms and design departments.

The plans also include an 80% reduction in car combinations ready to order, almost 30% reduction in plant changeover, and 20% reduction in time necessary to get the car from sketch in the manufacturing plant.

With plans so ambitious, how many years will Ford succeed to remain the top US car seller? We don’t know for sure, but we’re certain the numbers will be impressive. 

Ford doesn’t seem to stop its incredible evolution which started back in the ‘70s with the production of the first car in the F-series.

But with a future so bright, there doesn’t seem to be a good motive to slow down the pace at which it used its fans to release new, better models. With plans to introduce EVs and hybrids and beat Toyota by 2021, we are truly curious how successful these models will be.

What makes us curious as well are the sedan models the manufacturer plans to take off the American market. But we will soon find out this small piece of information, as well. 

Until then, the SUVs will keep getting meaner, more beautiful and luxurious by the year.



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