Ford relying on HYBRIDS to meet 2021 CO2 emissions – not EVs

 Ford relying on HYBRIDS to meet 2021 CO2 emissions

Ford relying on HYBRIDS to meet 2021 CO2 emissions

Ford will rely on sales of hybrids and plug-in hybrids to meet the new 2021 EU Emission targets in Europe, and not on electric cars.

The impending new EU emission targets for cars coming in 2021 is proving a bit of a headache for car makers, with the potential for huge fines if average CO2 emissions across their sales don’t average under 95gm.

Many car makes are heading down the road of EVs to help make the target, but that could prove problematic if car buyers aren’t persuaded and EV is for them, and to date most of the brouhaha around new EV s is driven by the need for car makes to sell them, rather than a clear pent up demand for all things electric from buyers.

So it seems Ford is taking a slightly more cautious route to meet new emissions targets, with Steve Armstrong, Ford Europe Chairman, telling Automotive News that Ford can meet the targets with hybrids alone.

Ford has already started a bit of a hybrid offensive with the new Kuga, including a plug-in hybrid version of the Kuga as well as a ‘self-charging’ hybrid version too, using a 2.5 litre Atkinson Cycle engine and electric motor to try and nail emissions down. Ford has also added 48V mild-hybrid tech to the new Kuga’s 150 PS EcoBlue and 190 PS EcoBlue.

All of which means we can expect Ford to roll out more hybrids on the vehicles it still intends selling in Europe, although a plug-in hybrid version trickling down as far as the Fiesta seems highly unlikely.

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Will it be enough to save Ford from huge fines in 2021?



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