Fnatic Adam talks stepping up from Karmine Corp, how Nisqy helped him settle into Berlin, and why HiRit is the toughest top-laner he has faced

Adam has established himself as a strong LEC top-laner after just four weeks (Picture: Twitter @Fnatic)

It’s easy to forget Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane is just 19 years old and has only been competing in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) for a little over a month.

The rookie has taken to the elite league with remarkable ease as he and his Fnatic teammates have had a strong start to the summer as they currently find themselves in third at the halfway mark.

However, as learned, Adam wants more. The Frenchman spoke about the step up from the LFL, how his teammates helped him, and Fnatic’s greatest rivals for the title this season.

We’re at the halfway point of the season, how do you think things have gone so far?

I would say, we didn’t start the split in the best way we could. We had the 0-2 start but then as a team, we bounced back really well. I think that start was necessary for us to improve as a team, we knew what we failed on right at the beginning so since we knew that, we could go forward which really helped us. 

When you start to be on the same page as a team, it’s the most crucial part to making good performances and I think we’re at that point now. We’re 6-3 and third in the LEC, I think that’s a really great start.

You look really settled in the LEC already, did any player on Fnatic in particular help welcome you to the team?

Adam says Nisqy helped him settle into the team and life in Berlin (Picture: Tina Jo/Riot Games)

At the very beginning, it was Nisqy because he speaks French. He really helped to welcome me in Berlin, if I needed anything like if needed to buy something he was always here and always asking if I needed help in some way. Everyone has been really kind to me and made me feel comfortable from day one which is really amazing.

And you have the rare opportunity to play with another, now former, top-laner in Bwipo. Do you two talk about the role often?

Of course, Bwipo and I talk a lot about top-lane. When we practice, when we review some games, he always tries to give me another point of view. He obviously didn’t forget everything about his ex-role so he has really good instincts.

I really like to hear what he has to say because, of course, I don’t know everything. Having another point of view to mix with mine can only make really good things.

We also have to ask about YamatoCannon who has a brilliant track record of developing rookies. What has it been like working with him?

I really like this guy, he’s an amazing coach. He always finds the words to motivate us, to make sure we give our best in everything we do, and he knows a lot about the game too. I think when you have such a coach, you can only be comfortable as a player.

Coach YamatoCannon has regularly turned rookies into superstars (Picture: Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Moving onto opponents, who has been the toughest top-laner you’ve faced so far?

I think the toughest I would say is Hirit, this guy was really good in lane. I think he’s the guy I struggled most against in lane specifically, he was the one who made me think holy sh*t this guy is really good. It was a great experience for me to face someone strong in lane, I learned a lot from what he does and what I could do to improve my gameplay.

In general, have you noticed any differences between competing in the LFL and LEC?

I would say a huge difference is the player gap. When I was in LFL, I wasn’t facing such strong opponents in lane. In the LEC, I need to be the best against all teams, I cannot allow myself to perform bad if I want to beat them. I don’t have as much room for mistakes, in the LFL I had room to make a few mistakes and it didn’t matter but in the LEC, any mistake can cost us the game.

During your time on Karmine Corp, you experienced playing for a huge fanbase and the expectations that come with that. Fnatic have a massive following who are very local as well, did your time on KCorp help you learn to deal with that sort of pressure?

For sure, when I was on Kcorp we always had at least 100,000 people watching us. So eventually I got used to knowing that a lot of people watch me and a lot of people judge if you do good or bad things. It definitely helped me mentally prepare for that kind of pressure.

While we’re still waiting for fans to be able to support teams in person, you are going to be playing on the LEC stage soon. Have you played on stage before and how are you feeling about competing in the LEC studio for the first time?

From Week 5 onwards, LEC players will return to playing on stage (Picture: Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

The first time I went to the LEC studio was during the media day. Playing for the first time on stage is special but I would say as soon as I joined the LEC I was already aware that it was something I’d eventually do. This is something I’ve prepared myself mentally for, I like to do that for everything in my life. I don’t want any emotions to come and cause me to make mistakes.

Closing things out, how strong do you think Fnatic are right now and which teams do you think are currently the strongest in the league?

I think Fnatic, at least if we played to our best right now, are top two in Europe. Honestly, I think the only team that could face us at their peak right now is Rogue. I think if we both played to the best of our abilities, we’d both go to Worlds and that’s why we’re here.

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