'Flexi-wardrobe' on rise in UK as comfort trumps formality

'Flexi-wardrobe' on rise in UK as comfort trumps formality

Following huge shifts in the way people live and work in recent months
due to Covid-19, new data reveals that 49 percent of UK adults now own more
‘relaxed’ clothes than ever before as they embrace a ‘flexi-wardrobe’.

With much of the nation abruptly thrown into a new normal of
home-working and virtual social events, 28 percent of people now feel they
need to refresh their wardrobe to suit their new flexi-lifestyle. That’s
according to research commissioned by UK shopping Centre:mk, which surveyed
2,000 UK adults.

Shoppers are now 10 times more likely to buy a jumper over a suit and
five times as likely to purchase jeans over a maxi skirt. Fewer than 20
percent said they plan to buy stilettos this season while 35 percent will
be ditching heels in favour of trainers.

Fashionable face coverings, oversized t-shirts and leggings are key

The 25-34 age group has splashed the most cash on average in the past
few months, spending 123 million pounds on fashion – a fifth of the bracket
spent 200 pounds or more. Of this group, 18 percent said they plan to buy
more comfortable clothes to match their flexi-lifestyle.

Key items in this new flexi-wardrobe include fashionable face coverings,
oversized t-shirts, gymwear and leggings. Shoppers will also have an
average of four pairs of jeans, six jumpers and four pairs of trainers.

“Our research shows that shoppers are opting more for comfort
particularly when working from home,” commented Kim Priest said, head of
marketing at Centre:MK. “However, while they’re a bit more relaxed in their
attire, they are still keen to look as good as ever, often paring comfort
on the bottom half with a smart top to take the children to school, jump on
an important zoom or for those rare real life social occasions we all want
to make the most of.”

Photo credit: Pexels, rawpixel.com


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