FIRS Nets N338.1bn, Falls Short Of N620.2bn Target

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), yesterday disclosed that it collected N338.1 billion as tax revenue in January.
The figure falls short of its N620.2 billion target by N282.1 billion, representing aggregate collection by states’ coordinating units on a monthly layout.
The federal government set an N8.8 trillion target for FIRS in 2020.
The incumbent Executive Chairman, Muhammed Nami assumed office in December 2019 from his predecessor, Mr Tunde Fowler.
According to the collection performance, Adamawa, Gombe and Taraba had
January target of N1,496,937,795.22 but collected N2,237,217,349.37 representing 149.45 percent collection. Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa & Cross River monthly target was N2,175,116,159.19 while actual collection was in January was N2,010,374,940.81 representing 92.43 percent.
Lagos mainland East had January target of N50,272,057,644.57 and actual collection of N39,177,218,569.19 amounting to 77.93 percent; while Jigawa, Kano and Katsina had collection target sum of N5,203,823,553.44 as against actual collection of N3,606,224,711.59 representing 77.93 percent.
Ogun, Osun and Oyo had target of N6,268,435,732.91 while actual collection during the period stood at N4,167,880,594.20 indicating 66.49 percent collection.
For Lagos mainland West, it got January target of N4,988,901,182.24 collected N3,033,847,030.11 representing 60.81; Abia, Ebonyi & Enugu had target of N2,503,697,840.31 and collection sum of N1,356,428,894.51 representing 54.18 percent, while Benue, Kaduna and Niger had tax collection target of N3,848,560,125.77, actual collection of N2,003,203,450.93 indicating 52.05 percent.
indicating 52.05 percent.
Delta, Edo and Rivers collectively had January target of N17,790,368,169.50 and actual collection of N9,251, 413. 039. 13 indicating 52 percent; Lagos Island had target of N459,548,646,637.50 , collection sum of N238, 708,658,042.72 translating to 51.94 percent, while Bauchi, Plateau, Borno and Yobe had collection target of N2,793,435,123,22 , actual collection in the sum of N2,793, 435,123.22 actual collection sum of N1,446,670,932.56 indicating 51.79 percent.

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