Fire Brigade had to cut off cat’s tail to rescue it from the sofa

Sammi after her ordeal (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

A pet owner was forced to call the fire brigade and her kitten had to have its tail cut off after it got trapped – inside a sofa.

Sammi curled up for a nap under the mechanical reclining sofa in the home of owner Susan Hurles’ parents, who live in a flat below her.

But 51-year-old Susan’s elderly mum didn’t know the kitty was there – and pressed the reclining button, trapping its tail in the mechanism.

The tiny seven-month-old cat let out an almighty screech – and Susan and her family had no choice but to call the fire service, who spent an hour hacking apart the sofa.

Thankfully Sammi survived – but the pet had to have its tail amputated after breaking more than a dozen bones.

And single mum-of-one Susan ended up in hospital for treatment after the pet bit her hand during the rescue.

Sammi normally likes a chill on the sofa (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

Retired lecturer Susan from Inverkeithing, Fife, is speaking out to warn other pet owners of the dangers of reclining mechanism sofas.

She said: ‘I just wanted to break down, cry and run away. It was like I was in shock. I could feel a foot and thought Sammi’s leg was caught so I pulled it and thought she was free.

‘That’s when I realised her whole tail was caught in the spiral.

The back of the sofa where Sammi the cat got stuck (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

‘She just wanted to get away so was pulling as hard and she could, and I thought the whole tail would come off and I knew that would be it for her.

‘I felt so bad – it was like I was restraining her to keep her in this pain. I tried to open up the sofa and hold her at the same time because she was trying to pull herself out.

‘I phoned 999 right away. I was crying and saying “please hurry, please hurry, my cat’s screaming!” I was covered in blood by the time they got there.

Susan with Sammi (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

‘The fire service informed us that they have been called out to similar incidents with small dogs and cats.

‘It could easily be a child that crawls into that gap.’

The kitten, belonging to Susan and her daughter Emma, 13, was visiting her parents Gerard and Maureen Hurles, 80 and 83, when the accident happened on January 15.

Injuries Susan sustained trying to rescue Sammi from the sofa (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

Maureen, who suffers with dementia, accidentally activated the recliner sofa while Sammi was sleeping underneath, because she thought the cat was outside.

Its tail got trapped in the exposed turning mechanism of the Eastbourne Electric Reclining 3 Seater Sofa from Oak Furnitureland.

Three firemen arrived within ten minutes and took an hour to completely dismantled the recliner in order to release the cat’s tail.

Susan’s mum Maureen didn’t realise Sammi was sitting on the couch when she pressed it (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

Susan immediately took the cat to Inglis Veterinary Surgery and they sedated her.

She then had to go to the minor injuries unit in Dunfermline to receive a tetanus injection and antibiotics for a cat bite, with the vet even saying the cat may have to be put down in her spine was detached.

They said the pet was lucky to survive, and now the kitty refuses to enter Gerard and Maureen’s house.

Sammi now refuses to go into Susan’s parents’ home (Picture: Susan Hurles / SWNS.COM)

Susan said: ‘I was really angry to see that there was no casing on the sides of the spiral device as that would have prevented this type of accident from happening.

‘I would like to raise awareness of this design flaw in the hope that people can be more vigilant, and manufacturers may also be able to improve on it.’

A spokesperson for Oakfurniture Land said: ‘We are very sorry to hear about this unfortunate accident and hope that the cat is well on its way to recovery.

‘We would welcome the opportunity to speak to the customer directly to get some further information regarding how this happened.’

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