FIFA 20 players organise street protest against ‘manipulative’ EA

(Picture: EA Sports)

A group of disgruntled FIFA 20 players have gathered outside EA’s headquarters in Bucharest to complain about the game.

FIFA 20 may have been a solid entry in the long-running sports series, but it was not without its faults, and some players have taken their grievances directly to publisher EA.

A small group gathered outside EA’s headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, in order to protest against a number of issues they have with the game, such as control lag and how acquiring Ultimate Team packs work.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) allows players to form their own superstar teams with some of the sport’s greatest players, like Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard, who can be earned by purchasing packs with either the in-game currency or real money.

The players argue that the odds of getting individual Ultimate Team players is skewed against them and that EA has made it deliberately difficult so as to encourage players to spend more money on the packs.

People protesting right now in front of EA HQ in Bucharest complaining about pack luck in weekend league rewards, button delay and the script. from FIFA

The story was shared on the official FIFA Reddit and, while it is 97% upvoted at the time of writing, it has drawn a very mixed response.

Some people support the protest, calling EA ‘manipulative’, while some have mocked the protesters and called them ’embarrassing’; others think they’re protesting for the wrong reasons.

A few users claimed that the one who organised the protest is a YouTuber who is simply using this as a publicity stunt to help promote his own channel.

This isn’t the first time EA’s use of lootboxes has drawn ire. While the UK Gambling Commission has ruled that lootboxes and EA’s FIFA packs aren’t officially gambling, it hasn’t stopped concerned gamers and parents from criticising the company, who appeared in a study about how children are growing addicted to gambling.

The lootbox craze has since drawn the attention of various other countries around the world. The US government is working on implementing possible lootbox legislation and Belgium has declared them as a form of gambling and thus illegal, forcing EA to stop offering FIFA Points for sale in that country.

FIFA 20 is available right now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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