‘Festival of Brexit’ is by its very nature divisive | Letters

I find your editorial (29 March) on the “festival of Brexit” staggering. If we are celebrating Brexit, where does it put the majority of people in Northern Ireland and Scotland who voted against the economic disaster that they are now mired in? What exactly do they have to celebrate? This is about appealing to the Tory heartlands and ignoring the rest of the UK. The comparison with the Festival of Britain is ludicrous, since Brexit has created massive divisions throughout the UK, which wasting vast amounts of taxpayers money to celebrate will not assuage, only exacerbate.

Since this government treats every expenditure as an opportunity to corruptly benefit its allies, donors and friends, we can expect that to be a prominent part of the Brexit celebrations. Renaming it the “Festival for the end of the United Kingdom” would be more appropriate.
John Cookson
Bournemouth, Dorset

“There’s no reason to think that Festival UK 2022 will be a celebration of Brexit”, says your print headline. But the fact remains that the festival was inaugurated for just that purpose. In the words of the festival director, Martin Green: “There is no doubt that money has been made available because this country is exiting the EU.” Healing divided communities is a noble aim, but the community that I was once a member of – the EU – has been taken away from me. How exactly is a festival dedicated solely to UK talent going to heal that?
Tim Shelton-Jones
Brighton, East Sussex


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