Ferrari 250 SWB Revival by GTO Engineering video review

When is a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB not a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB? When it’s built new, using an original classic Ferrari as a donor, but built to exactly the same specification as Ferrari’s original GT sports racing car.

This is the GTO Engineering 250 SWB Revival, from a world-class Ferrari specialist based near Reading in the UK. GTO Engineering has for decades been repairing and restoring classic Ferraris, right up to making new V12 engines from scratch, which owners would fit to their original Ferraris to take them racing. Its parts are completely interchangeable with the original.

Using all that know-how it is now making a series of 250 SWBs so accurate to the original that you can even get historic racing papers for them. The SWB needs a Ferrari donor to retain some kind of authenticity and identity, but fret not (or not so much), GTO Engineering says that it only uses donors that are beyond economic restoration.

The result is an £800,000 classic – restomod is probably the wrong word – that’s as intoxicating as you would imagine. Join us as we take the time to extend the car and its glorious V12 engine.


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