Female teacher ‘kidnapped newborn baby & tricked husband into thinking it was his son after faking pregnancy’

A TEACHER has been accused of kidnapping a new-born baby and tricking her husband into believing it was his.

Video shows Elena Linnik, 40, allegedly carrying away the boy in a plastic bag from a maternity hospital after climbing in through a window.

Elena Linnik has been accused of kidnap


Elena Linnik has been accused of kidnapCredit: Social media
Video shows her allegedly taking away the baby


Video shows her allegedly taking away the babyCredit: Krasny Sulin/

She was also shown at the scene of the alleged crime explaining to detectives in Russia’s Rostov region how she broke in and took the baby.

The deputy head had faked her pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage, say police. 

Mum-of-two Linnik divorced her first husband, also a teacher, after starting an affair with handyman Vladimir Timofeev, 35, who she then married. 

She later said he was desperate for children and overjoyed when she said she was pregnant with a boy.

Timofeev told local media: “When she told me she was pregnant, I wanted to cry and laugh, I was so happy. She was to have a boy. This was such adrenaline for me as a father.”

During her “pregnancy” she had shown him ultrasound pictures, but she told him he was not allowed to be present at the birth due to Covid restrictions, it was reported. 

“I felt some movements in her tummy,” he said. 

She pretended to Vladimir Timofeev the baby was hers


She pretended to Vladimir Timofeev the baby was hersCredit: 360TV
Linnik claimed she faked the pregnancy to please him


Linnik claimed she faked the pregnancy to please himCredit: Social media

He had collected her after she called him to say she had given birth to a boy. 

But 12 hours later police arrived at their home in Salsk and an officer told him: “Just breathe out, wait. And listen to me This is not your son, she kidnapped him.”

Timofeev said: “He described how she had stolen the baby. I did not believe it. He came into the house, saw Elena and asked her what happened. 

“She said to me: ‘It was all because of you. I asked: ‘Is this the truth? And she said: ‘Yes’.”

Later she called me and said: “Do you understand it was all because of you wanting a son?” 

“I said: ‘Well, but I did not ask you to kidnap a baby. I wanted my own baby. Look what you have done’.”

The teacher pictured with her ex-husband, who's paying her legal bills


The teacher pictured with her ex-husband, who’s paying her legal billsCredit: Social media

A video showed distraught mum Natalya Rusikova was reunited with her son by police. 

“Those 12 hours were torture for me,” the 24-year-old said.

“I had a fear that he would never be found, and would live with another family. I have no pity for her.  She must be punished by the law.”

Meanwhile, Timofeev divorced the senior teacher, who has also lost her job. 

But the suspect’s first husband Sergey Linnik, the father of her daughters aged 22 and 12, is picking up her legal bills.

The 45-year-old has vowed to wait for her if she is jailed for kidnapping, which carries a penalty of up to 12 years.

“When we lived together, I had the happiest family,” he said.

“I don’t know what happened to Elena. I did not want this divorce. But I have forgiven her. We have hired a lawyer, we want to avoid prison for her.”


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