Feeling bullish: Lamborghini's CEO on the marque's future plans

While Lamborghini buyers aren’t necessarily ready for an electric supercar yet, they soon will be – or at least they will have to be, given the move by the UK and other countries to ban the sale of most new non-zero-emissions cars from 2030 onwards.

Crucially, though, the challenge of creating an electric Lamborghini also offers an opportunity: as with the Urus, it’s a chance to grow the firm further. Winkelmann has secured approval for a long-anticipated fourth model line for the EV, due in the second half of the decade. And while it will, like the Urus, be based on platforms shared with other Volkswagen Group brands, Winkelmann insists that “the plan is to have production here in Italy”

As with the Urus, the EV will be a distinctly different Lamborghini, probably a two-door, four-seat grand tourer that highlights the benefits of an electric car (Winkelmann points to the “incredible torque and acceleration”) and works around the likely packaging challenges.

As well as electrifying its fleet, Lamborghini has focused on reducing the carbon impact of its operations. The firm’s Sant’Agata factory has been certified as carbon-neutral since 2015. “We focus on excellence in everything we do,” says Winkelmann.

For many people, though, sustainability and electric cars aren’t concepts that really fit with Lamborghini’s petrol-powered supercar heritage. But while it might be anathema to those who grew up with posters of wild Lamborghinis on their bedroom walls, the younger, typically more environmentally conscious generation have different ideas.

“We’re a cool brand; we’re always carefully evaluating what comes next,” says Winkelmann. “It’s not only about the new generation, although for sure this is important. This is a game that’s much bigger than Lamborghini. We don’t want to say we’re the ones saving the world; this would be stupid. But we need to find our own way to be socially acceptable in the future.”

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