Farage’s Brexit party plan to ABOLISH House of Lords ‘European elections a stepping stone’

The eurosceptic leader has announced he would “get rid” of Britain’s upper house if his party commanded a majority in the House of Commons. Mr Farage, who has never served as an MP but has been an MEP since 1999, has already thought about how he will revolutionise the political system in the UK as the European elections on May 23 approaches. Speaking to German newspaper Der Spiegel, Mr Farage said he sees the upcoming elections as the “first stepping stone” of his bigger plan. 

He said: “The Brexit Party has been set up to use the European elections as the first stepping-stone towards attempting to completely change the political system in this country.

“This is now much more about taking on the entire political establishment.”

Asked what kind of changes he was thinking about, Mr Farage said: “Electoral reform, getting rid of the House of Lords, which is now full of 700 friends of Tony Blair and David Cameron.  

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“Our whole system has been corrupted.

“We want fundamental political change, the right, as in Switzerland, for people to call referendums. It’s about breaking the two-party system.”

The Brexit Party leader acknowledged winning the European elections won’t be enough for him to bring to the UK the changes he wants.

But Mr Farage said he is gearing up for a general election, which he expects to take place “before Christmas”. 

But becoming the biggest British party in the European Parliament will give the Brexit Party the right to enter Brexit talks, Mr Farage said.

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He continued: “If we win the European elections, and we will, we have to have a say in where the country goes from here.

“If the Conservative Government denies that to us, they will look even more stupid. It’s their choice.”

Mr Farage demanded last week to be given a voice in the Brexit talks following the European elections – which the Brexit Party looks set to win.

Speaking at a Brexit Party press conference, Mr Farage insisted his party will have “democratic legitimacy” to take part at the highest level of negotiations if it wins.

He said: “In terms of legitimacy, if the Brexit Party wins this election arguing for a WTO Brexit, and we get significant support and we win, I think we will have democratic legitimacy to have a say in how we proceed from here. 

“The new date we have is 31 October. We absolutely believe that the UK must, must, must leave on that date.

“And if we were part of that discussion, I think we could offer them a very sensible way forward.”

The Brexit Party is being tipped to win the majority of the 73 UK seats up for grabs in the European elections in a series of opinion polls.

A survey by ComRes carried out on 2,028 people between May 10 and 12 sees the Brexit Party leading the race with 27 percent of the preferences.

It is followed by Labour, on 25 percent, the Tory Party on 15 percent an Lib Dems on 13 percent.    



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