Fans vote on new mob to be added to Minecraft

Fans of Minecraft voted for the Allay mob to be added to the game during the Minecraft Live event at the weekend.

As has become annual tradition at Minecraft Live, fans are given the opportunity to vote for one of three mobs to be added in a future update. This year, as we previously reported, the three potential mobs were the Allay, Glare and Copper Golem mobs.

The voting took place on Twitter and the Allay was chosen, after the Glare was eliminated in the first round. You can watch the results on the video below from Minecraft Live:

The Allay is a cute little creature who is a “huge music buff and loves to dance”. More importantly, give it an item and it will then gather more of the same, so it’s pretty handy too.

It will be added in The Wild Update due out next year, which will improve the world’s biomes and also add the new Deep Dark biome.

Developer Mojang is also consolidating the various PC versions into a single PC launcher. They will also be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC in November.


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