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Eye spy-der! Stunning snap shows reflection in spider’s eyes

Daisies are reflected in the eyes of a tiny jumping spider captured by photographer, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza near the River Po in Pama, Italy. (Credits: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza / Animal News Agency)

A photographer played eye spy-der with this arachnid – taking a selfie in the reflection of its pupils.

Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 46, captured his mirror image in the creepy crawly’s eyeballs using intricate macro photography.

The up close and personal view also caught every detail of the jumping spider’s face, including hundreds of tiny coloured hairs.

As well as photographing himself and a friend from a distance of one centimetre, Alberto also snapped a field of daisies and a spider’s eye view of a park scene near the River Po, in Italy.

To achieve the amazing final result Alberto uses a technique called focus-stacking. Using a number of images to create greater depth and focus in each finished photograph.

Camera and equipment used to capture the pictures (Credits: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza / Animal News Agency)

‘The natural world is amazing, and it is important to remember how human behaviour reflects on the animal kingdom too,’ he said.

The eyes of a tiny jumping spider reflects the photographer, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, in this epic selfie (Credits: Alberto Ghizzi Panizza / Animal News Agency)

‘It is amazing to be able to see the spiders so close up, with all the hairs and parts of the face visible and so close up, I wonder what they thought of the sights they saw, and of our selfie.’

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