Expert shares wardrobe tip to keep wasps at bay – and it means ditching bright colours

An environmental expert has predicted a ‘bumper’ summer for wasps this year – but changing up your wardrobe could help you keep your garden clear of the angry insects

A wasp on a flower
Wasps are important pollinators but can be a nuisance (stock photo)

Wasps can be a nuisance to deal with, especially when you’re just trying to enjoy a nice cold drink in the summer sunshine and the angry insects just won’t leave you alone.

And while we’re used to dealing with annoying flies that bug us in many of the same ways, wasps are much harder to deal with because they pack a nasty punch with their ability to sting.

Adam Juson, founder and director of Merlin Environmental, has predicted a “bumper” summer for wasps this year, reports, as factors such as warm weather lead to more ripe fruit in fields and gardens for wasps to feed on.

But even though you might find more wasps in your garden than usual this summer, there are steps you can take to try and reduce how much they bother you – including one tip that depends on the colour of your clothes.

Wearing light coloured clothes could deter wasps (stock photo)


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Of course, step number one should be to avoid taking anything overly sugary outside in the first place, and if you have any fruit trees in your garden, make sure to clear up any fallen fruit as soon as possible.

Adam said: “Wasps can be a nuisance in summer but there are various, simple steps you can take to deter wasps away from your home and avoid getting stung.

“Avoid taking sweet treats such as fruit and sugary drinks outside, but if you do make sure you keep them covered.”

But if you’re desperate to take your pint of cider or ice cold lemonade outside while you sunbathe, then you should also consider wearing light coloured clothing instead of anything too bright – as wasps are less attracted to pale shades.

Adam added: “These colours are less attractive to wasps.

“If a wasp does land on you, don’t panic or flap around, this will make a wasp feel threatened. If it happens to get inside your clothes, this is even more likely as it could feel trapped. Stay as still as possible until it finds its own way out.

“If wasps are still bothering you, you can set up traps using something sweet.”

Meanwhile, according to Ideal Home, you should also avoid bright colours in your garden – including steering clear of particularly bright flowers which might tempt wasps.

Catherine Alyons, buying director at, told Ideal Home that in place of your bright flowers, you could try planting strongly scented plants that the stinging insects hate the smell of.

She said: “Smells that can be used to discourage wasps from certain areas include tomato stems, fresh mint, ground coffee and cloves.”

If you have a severe wasp problem, such as having an active nest in your garden, call a professional to have it removed as dealing with a nest yourself can be dangerous – not least because the wasps inside won’t be too pleased with having their home dismantled.

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