Everything We Know About the Future and the Ending of This Is Us

The Pearsons are gearing up for a big farewell, possibly in more ways than one.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us will end after its upcoming sixth season. This has been a theory for several years now, as creator Dan Fogelman has always been adamant that he knew where and how the story would conclude. In 2018, he revealed that scenes from the series finale had already been shot, and he has previously referred to the season three finale as the series’ “midpoint.” 

When the show was renewed for three seasons at once in 2019, it was generally thought that those three seasons would be the show’s last. Now that that theory seems to be correct, it’s time to talk about how things might wrap up over the final season. 

After we learned how Jack died in season two, the show began looking forward instead of backwards. Bits and pieces of flash forward scenes revealed a family gathering in the early 2030s, all centered around a very old and sick Rebecca (Mandy Moore). 


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