Everything shown in PlayStation's State of Play broadcast

PlayStation’s July State of Play broadcast included new details on Death Stranding’s PS5 Director’s Cut, a reveal for Moss: Book 2, a delay for Sifu and a lot of Deathloop.

The 30-minute show kicked off with Moss: Book 2, a second chapter of cute virtual reality mouse adventuring coming to PlayStation VR.

We have a good look at the game and a chat with developer Polyarc on what to expect (more puzzles! more emotions!) and what not (no multiplayer!) in our Moss: Book 2 reveal story.

Next up was Arcadegeddon, a PS5 and PC multiplayer shooter out in early access today. It’s being developed by Illfonic, the studio behind Predator: Hunting Grounds.

We got a quick look at Hunter’s Arena, a battle royale already available on Steam which is now headed to PS4 and PS5.

Next was a look at Tribes of Midgard, and its post-launch bits and pieces. Season one, The Wolf Saga, adds a new rune system, quests and season-exclusive items.

An update on Sifu, the hand-to-hand combat game from Absolver developer Sloclap, revealed a delay to “early 2022”.

Jett: The Far Shore, a space adventure from Superbrothers, continues to look intriguing. There was confirmation of a 2021 launch, which is vague but something.

FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch launches for PS4 and PS5 on 7th September:

Sega’s The Demon Slayer arrives for PS4 and PS5 on 15th October:

And we got a good look at Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgment, also from Sega, with its English voice acting:

Death Stranding’s PS5 Directors Cut includes new story missions and, bizarrely, a racing mode. We also got a release date: 24th September. There’s a bunch of new combat additions, gadgets and other bits and pieces too.

The show concluded with a deep dive into Deathloop, Arcane’s stylish-looking PlayStation console timed-exclusive. Here’s nearly 10 minutes of new footage:

Rewatch the July State of Play in full below:


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