Ever wondered where flight attendants sleep? Video shows hidden plane feature

There are fire extinguishers, outlets, mirrors, curtains, and a phone to contact other crew members (Picture: Zach Griff/Instagram)

Most of us have plenty of snoozing time on long-haul flights but ever wondered where the flight attendants can rest?

Air stewards and pilots are not required to do one long all-nighter on long flights and have breaks for some well-needed rest.

And one travel enthusiast has shown exactly what the sleeping quarters look like.

Zach Griff, a travel analyst at The Points Guy who calls himself a full-time traveller, has shared a behind the scenes look at where airline staff sleep.

Over on his Instagram, Zach shared a clip of the American Air 787 Dreamliner which has an upstairs area that contains beds on the floor for the crew.

Zach, who has visited 55 countries and travelled more than 200,000 miles last year on over 100 flights, said the secret crew rest space is off-limits to passengers.

Which explains why we’ve never seen it or stumbled across it.

In the video, Zach climbs up the narrow stairway to show off the crew rest space, which also has curtains for privacy and mirrors so staff can look their best before they head downstairs.

‘The largest airline in the world, American Airlines, just introduced a brand-new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner to its fleet,’ he explained to

‘Before the plane started flying passengers, I got a behind-the-scenes tour of the entire aircraft, from the cockpit all the way to the crew rest.The crew rest is easily the coolest part of the entire plane. It’s completely off-limits to passengers, and only certain crew can use it during flight.’

There’s curtains for privacy (Picture: Zach Griff/Instagram)
A seasoned traveller (Picture: Zach Griff/Instagram)

He added: ‘It’s also really interesting that it’s located one level above passengers — so no one really knows about it.

‘I thought the variety of items in the crew rest area was fascinating. There are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, flashlights and portable oxygen containers for use in an emergency.

‘There are also comfort items, such as power outlets, a small mirror, coat hooks and a phone to call the other flight attendant stations.One thing to note is that it’s a really tight squeeze up there.

‘There’s very little room to move around and I almost hit my head multiple times! But the good news is that the beds are actually quite comfortable.’

How cool.

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