5 Essential Items You Need To Reach Your Workout Goals This 2020

5 Essential Items You Need To Reach Your Workout Goals This 2020

January is peak gym-going time. The holidays have ended, and people are starting to make good decisions for the year, and top on that list is to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. It is not easy to stick to this resolution, though, as research has shown.

You need support for your goals this year, and that’s why these exercise essentials are available to make sure that you become the best version of yourself. Don’t know where to start? Try these items:

1. Diet And Fitness Journal

Keep your goals in view with this journal to track your activity and diet every day. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not. You can track how many calories you’re eating, so you know how much you need to burn to keep fit. This can also be your daily motivation because you can see how far you’ve come every day so that you can celebrate your personal wins. This handy design fits into your bag so you can take it with you where you go.

2. Fruit Infuser Drinks Bottle

You can’t reach your goals without drinking enough water, and that’s just a scientific fact. Water can be boring though, so take hydration to the next level with this shaker bottle that comes in grey and turquoise. You can also choose what mix to have in your bottle according to your needs – cucumber and mint to refresh, lemons and pineapples for losing belly fat and strawberries and oranges for a boost of vitamin C. Fruits Infuser Drinks Bottle is one such product from The Works that makes drinking water not just fancy, but nutritious.

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3. Daily Fitness Challenge Exercise Decision Dice

Working out can be fun! Add this dice to your daily routine for a more interactive workout session, increasing the rolls as you build more endurance. This would be a fun group activity for you and your fitness partners, challenging each other to complete the sets. It also works for game night – if your friends are up for a few sweats, and you will gain both friendship points and Together Reward points for this purchase.

4. The Bikini Body: 28 Day Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Guide

Fitness enthusiasts will be familiar with Kayla Itsines and her 28-minute workouts. Originally an Instagram sensation, Kayla has taken her tried and trusted formula to international acclaim. You can get this personalised workout book with healthy-eating tips and lifestyle changes to make your workouts more effective. What’s more, you can get up to 80 Together Reward points on this item alone!

5. Dual Exercise Resistance Band

This is not your average resistance band; it has a dual handle so that you can work your core more effectively. Suitable for flexibility, strength training, aerobics or balance exercises, so it works just as well for yoga as it does for building your abs and core. It folds conveniently to tuck into your gym bag when you’re on-the-go. Start today and have that bikini body ready just in time for summer! 

Now that you know how the above-mentioned products will help you reach your workout goals, it’s time you buy one of these today. Reach for your fitness goals this year with The Works and have a happier, healthier 2020.


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