Espadrij maison FW21 Collection

Espadrij maison FW21 Collection

Together with Espadrij l’originale® the label Espadrij maison creates a world that combines traditional handcraft with modern aesthetics. By always following the southern French laissez-faire-feeling the brand stands for a harmonic interaction of comfort, style and craftmanship made in Europe. A long-lasting and very intense partnership with our manufacturers in France and Spain as well as the usage of natural materials always has first priority at Espadrij l’originale® and Espadrij maison.

Espadrij maison FW21 Collection
In Fall/Winter 2021 the brand presents a comprehensive collection including a lot of traditional- as well as many modern styles and new materials such as teddy fur, felt, velours leather or tweed. Shimmering buckles give highlighting accents to lined and non-lined slippers. The collection is supplemented by comfortable lounge wear that comprise four modern styled pieces in four different colours.

Feeling cozy whilst keeping style in 2021 with Espadrij maison.

Read more about Espadrij l’originale on the brand page:


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