Erotic blueprints: How to have Goop-approved orgasms and reconnect with your partner

Touch and foreplay are important for those with the ‘energetic’ blueprint (Picture: Getty Images)

Ah, Goop. The lifestyle site that launched a thousand weird wellness trends into the world.

From vagina steaming to consuming nothing but goat milk for eight days to ‘cleanse parasites’, not all the advice from the Paltrow brainchild is worth listening to. However, there are a few gems from time to time.

As part of the show Love, Sex, and Goop (the upcoming Netflix series from the franchise), we see a couple working with Somatic Sexologist Jaiya Ma to connect better in the bedroom.

The couple, Erika and Damon, are helped by Jaiya to discover their ‘erotic blueprints’, a theory that she created to give people deeper insight into their turn-ons.

Jaiya and her partner Ian demonstrate how to have full-body orgasms (both together and separately) using the technique, which she says fosters ‘deeper connection, fulfilling intimacy, and satisfying sex’.

It’s a strange watch, as Jaiya and Ian appear to climax together during their demonstration, despite them both being fully clothed. But Erika and Damon both seemed convinced.

Erika said of the technique: ‘I mean seriously, if you can get that type of connection with the person you already love, what more is there?’

While some of you might be rolling your eyes at orgasming through ‘energy’, there’s merit in learning your erotic blueprint and what makes you tick.

Jaiya’s theory matches a person’s desires with one of five ‘primary erotic blueprint types’ using a series of questions.

These questions include the reasons you have sex, the music you’d prefer while doing the deed, and how you fantasise about sex.

Although most people have unique and differing tastes in the bedroom, someone’s primary blueprint type should give them a deeper insight into their sexual superpowers (the easiest path to arousal) and shadow aspects (turn offs that can be avoided or worked on).

The five types of energy blueprint are:

  • Energetic: You like the anticipation and teasing aspect of sex best, and can be turned off if you progress to touching too quickly. Foreplay is usually key for someone with this blueprint.
  • Sensual: You enjoy your five senses being stimulated, and respond well to things like food play and relaxing music. Because environment is important to people with this blueprint, they can also feel tense and lose arousal if this isn’t right.
  • Sexual: You don’t need much foreplay or romance to get in the mood, preferring a ‘let’s get down to business’ approach. While those with this blueprint can see sex simply as something fun to do, they should take care not to race to the finish.
  • Kinky: Taboo is what turns you on, whether that’s BDSM or another ‘niche’ fantasy. Jaiya recommends openness for those with this blueprint, as shame around these fantasies can lead to suppressing deeper desires.
  • Shapeshifter: You get off on all of the above, and are considered ‘creative’ in the bedroom. If you have this blueprint you might just be sexually adventurous, but for some it comes about through appeasing a partner’s wants instead of your own, which should be worked on.

Take Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Quiz here to find out which best fits you.

In the show, Jaiya and Ian use touch and tantric practices to get each other to climax, but many of these are taught as part of a course they run, and therefore aren’t accessible to everyone.

You can start off simply by using energy blueprints to ask for what you want and need during sex, then find out your partner’s to enhance their experience too.

This should be done without shame or judgement, and with the aim of exploring your shadow aspects to remove blocks stopping you from orgasming or having the type of sex you want.

For those with a sexual blueprint, the next step may be getting out of a ‘goal orientated’ approach to sex, while those with energetic blueprints might explore massage and non-sexual foreplay to heighten the build up to intercourse.

Like any personality test, erotic blueprints aren’t a magic solution to unsatisfying sex. What they can do, though, is demystify your arousal.

Best of all from something we learned via Goop, there’s no requirement to put crystals in any of your orifices.

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