Emmerdale Jonny McPherson splits from co-star Natalie J Robb

Emmerdale couple Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have split-up. 

The actor, 39, who plays Dr Liam Cavanagh on the ITV soap, and Natalie, 46, (aka Moira Barton) secretly ended their relationship ‘several months ago’, reports Digital Spy

The couple went public with their relationship in July last year, with Natalie revealing their romance blossomed during a charity trip. 

All over: Emmerdale couple Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have secretly split-up, with reports saying their relationship ended 'several months ago'

All over: Emmerdale couple Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have secretly split-up, with reports saying their relationship ended ‘several months ago’

Jonny hinted at their break-up during an appearance on Lorraine on Wednesday.

The actor had previously moved in with Natalie at the start of lockdown 1.0 after just three months of dating, but spoke to Lorraine about living 60ft narrowboat on and off for the past four years. 

And during a talk about his rescue dog Molly, Lorraine appeared to hint at Jonny’s new-found single status as she told him: ‘She’s perfect. You don’t need a woman in your life, because you’ve already got one.’

Speaking about living on a boat, Jonny said: ‘After living on it for about four years, I now feel that if I go to a normal house: “What do you do with all this space? There’s so much.” 

MailOnline has contacted Jonny and Natalie’s representatives for comment. 

Back in November, Jonny spoke about how lockdown has helped his romance with Natalie blossom. 

Speaking about their relationship, Jonny told The Mirror: ‘We had to make a decision as lots of couples did. We decided to move in together and so, yes, lockdown did fast forward our relationship.’  

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He went on: ‘We get on so well. We come from quite different backgrounds but we are essentially the same person. We are both a pair of big kids. We have exactly the same stupid humour.’

The actor, who has played unlucky-in-love Dr Cavanagh since 2018, added the coronavirus lockdown was a ‘real test’ to see how their relationship would fare in the long-term.

He continued: ‘There is nowhere to hide during lockdown. It’s a real test of whether you do get on with a person and thankfully we got through with flying colours.’  

Jonny added that they hadn’t spend any real time together until that trip to Lapland, with the pair getting on ‘like a house on fire.’

He went on to say that they’re ‘having a lovely time’ together, with the workaholics often spending an evening ‘discussing scripts and learning lines.’   

Last summer, Natalie, who has played Moira for more than 11 years, confirmed she was in a relationship with Jonny after rumours started swirling the pair were dating. 

The actress said she went on her first date with Jonny in January, but managed to keep things secret until June 2020, when it was revealed they were together.  

She explained: ‘Yes, Jonny McPherson and I started to see each other, our first date was in mid-January, and then we were just having a couple of dates in February.

‘Then obviously in March, lockdown happened and we were together at the time that Boris Johnson announced it, so he’s been staying with me, and they were saying, “Yes it could be six weeks, yes it might be eight weeks”, and I was like, “Oh OK!”‘ 

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The actress told how she and Jonny – who plays unlucky-in-love Dr Liam Cavanagh – grew close on a charity trip to Lapland, and their relationship progressed from there.

Natalie said: ‘We just kind of evolved. We did a charity where you go out with children who have cancer and you take them to Lapland.  

‘We were on that, and it’s a day trip, so you’re there and back in a day, and from then on we just sort of got to know each other better. 

‘I’ve worked with him and things, but I’ve got to know him better and just went on from there. A few text messages and things like that. We went out for a meal and the rest is history.’

Natalie even alluded to their passionate ‘making up’ sessions during lockdown, explaining: ‘We’ve had a few wobbles, I’m not going to lie… but the making up was fantastic.’ 

‘We’re very compatible, but he does leave lids off everything and doors open, he just leaves doors open, that’s about it.’ 

Exes: Emmerdale couple Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have split-up

Exes: Emmerdale couple Jonny McPherson and Natalie J Robb have split-up


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