Eli the cat can’t keep away from his favourite pub

Eli is like that one guy you always see at your local, sitting in the corner and drinking milk (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

It’s Saturday, and if you’re lucky enough to not be working, you’re likely in a pub.

Am I envious? Of course not. I love staring at a screen and adjusting my desk chair while the rest of you are getting rounds in.

Anyway. If the pub-going people among us are in need of a team mascot, might we suggest Eli, a delightful ginger cat who absolutely loves going to his local.

Eli regularly attends the Brewdog near his home in Liverpool, heading down to enjoy a glass of lactose-free milk with his best drinking buddy (and owner), veterinary student Molly.

Molly often takes Eli out on a lead, and when she heard that Brewdog allowed pets, she decided to bring her kitty down.

Turns out he loved the place, and now turns up all the time.

By that we mean he’s a pub regular (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
Staff even know his ‘usual’ – lactose-free milk (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
He’s on the pints again (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Being a cat in a place where cats usually do not hang out, Eli gets quite a lot of attention when he goes for a drink.

Thankfully he loves all the fuss, happily snuggling up on a chair and accepting treats from other pub-goers.

Molly said: ‘He always gets a lot of attention when he goes out.

‘Everyone always gets so excited when they see a cat on the end of a lead.

Molly has been taking Eli out for walks on his lead since he was eight weeks old (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
Molly regularly takes Eli out for drinks (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
He’s pretty sociable, even without a pint (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
He loves the attention (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘Most people see the lead and assume it’s a dog. It’s great to watch their faces when they realise it’s a cat.

‘I’ll invite them to come over and say hello and they get so excited.

‘Luckily Eli loves the attention – I think he’s the most sociable cat ever.

‘He hasn’t let the attention go to his head though.’

He always seems to go to the litter box when it’s time for him to pay for a round (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
Oh, hi (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Eli is such a regular that he’s gained some fame, with hundreds of followers on his Instagram (where he does more than just lounge around the pub, FYI).

He recently turned up at the vets for a procedure and was recognised by a member of staff.

Molly, who is living in Liverpool while studying veterinary medicine, adopted Eli when he was eight weeks old.

Eli started out going for walks in the countryside (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
But he discovered he loves the city life (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
He’s slowly getting Instagram famous (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Knowing the risks of letting him out and about in a busy city, she decided Eli would be an indoor cat, and started taking him for walks on a harness and lead so he could get plenty of exercise.

They started out adventuring in the countryside, but when Molly headed into the city she began taking her ginger pal out to local spots.

His first trip to a bar happened when Molly had been planning to meet some student friends for a few drinks and hadn’t wanted to leave the cat at home by himself.

She brought him along, he loved the atmosphere, and since then they often head to Brewdog to crack open a cold one.

‘Eli’s so used to going out, he loves it,’ says Molly.

Don’t worry, he’s teetotal (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
And won’t run off at the end of the night (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
The best drinking buddy a girl can have (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘Whenever I get his lead, he gets excited, almost like a dog, and runs to the front door.

‘He’s one of a kind and definitely enjoys coming with us to pubs and bars as he can sit and survey the room.

‘I knew Brewdog was pet-friendly, so I didn’t think twice taking him in there.

‘He had to get used to all the different sights and sounds, but as soon as he learned where they were coming from he wasn’t fazed.

‘I don’t think anyone else in the pub expected a cat to turn up though.

‘The staff are great, they even have lactose free milk behind the bar, so he can have a little drink with me.’

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