Electrifying our business: pizza delivery with a difference

In turn, Biryah has a key piece of advice for anyone thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle. “It isn’t an inconvenience… so long as you plan ahead,” he says. “Obviously it can’t match the ease of a petrol or diesel vehicle that you can hop in on almost empty and refuel in moments, but if you plan ahead and keep it topped up it can do pretty much anything.

“For longer trips to suppliers further away I have to admit that we have had to hire an engined car. It’s rare, and not that much trouble if you plan. I’d rather do that than run around in a combustion engined car all the time just so that these very occasional trips are a little easier.”

Biryah is also upfront that his commitment to running electric is driven as much by business values as practicality. “As an independent food delivery business we take our values very seriously,” he says. “We are uncompromising about the quality and origins of our ingredients and carefully select produce from ethical and sustainable British producers and suppliers. Why do that if you then compromise further down the chain? By investing in sustainable solutions we help to reduce the impact on our towns and wellbeing of our communities, hopefully making the world a little greener and better place to be.


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