Electric vehicle charge point on narrow one-way road is a health and safety issue, says town …

Another town councillor in a location where Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCP) have been installed has hit out at the Isle of Wight council about where it’s been positioned.

Yesterday (Thursday) News OnTheWight reported on Cllr Cameron Palin’s complaint about the positioning of an EVCP in a residential area in East Cowes.

Jeffries: Health and safety concern
Ventnor West town councillor, Mark Jeffries, tells News OnTheWight today that he believes the location of an EVCP in Victoria Street, Ventnor is a health and safety concern.

Victoria St EVCP

He told News OnTheWight,

“This is totally positioned in the wrong location in the town. I believe it is in a dangerous position as buses find this narrow road difficult to negotiate at the best of times.

“Many accidents have happened on this road in the past putting a charging point here is surely going to cause problems.”

Victoria St EVCP

Victoria Street is one way and not all cars have charge points on the left hand side.

Victoria St EVCP

VTC not consulted on locations
Cllr Jeffries also added that Ventnor Town Council (VTC) had not been consulted on the locations of the EVCPs.

David Bartlett the clerk for VTC confirmed this was the case. He told News OnTheWight,

“We were told there would be two in the town, but weren’t consulted on the location”

Victoria St EVCP

Jeffries: General consensus – in totally the wrong position
Cllr Jeffries finished by saying,

“Although it is much appreciated that we were allocated two points, I believe the general consensus from the public and councilors is that the location of these points are in totally the wrong position and a much better option would have been in our many car parks.”

IWC: Contacted all town and parish councils
The Isle of Wight council say the location information was also gathered during a survey in 2018 and in 2021, the council also contacted all town and parish councils “with an offer of siting EVC points in their area”.

Victoria St EVCP

They said,

“We reviewed the survey feedback alongside specific requests that have also been received from residents for EVC points.

“Detailed technical investigations then identified the potential locations for the charge points, including availability of power supply, pavement width, other street furniture, distance from corners, etc. This was carried out with experts from Island Roads.”


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