Electric Porsche Macan might spawn coupe version

It’s a known fact by now that Porsche will ditch the combustion engine altogether for the next-generation Macan due to come out in 2021. That won’t spell the end of the combustion engine-powered model as the current-generation crossover will peacefully coexist with the new EV-only model for an unspecified amount of time. In an interview with Dutch magazine, Dr. Michael Steiner, Board Member Research and Development for Porsche AG., revealed additional details about the future of the Macan.

Steiner reiterated the conventionally powered model will still be available following the next-gen Macan’s debut, adding that it’ll be upgraded and will remain on sale for “several years.” In regards to the electric model, Steiner says Porsche is trying to figure out which model names it should use, since “Turbo” for example, is not really suitable for a car that doesn’t have a traditional engine with forced induction.

Those involved in the development program are also focusing on whether additional body styles of the Macan would make sense. According to Steiner, a “coupe” version in the same vein as the recently launched Cayenne Coupe is under consideration. Not only that, but Porsche is also analysing the prospects of a Macan “with more space.” The company official refers to both potential models as being “interesting,” but it’s too soon to say whether either of the two will live to see the production day.

While the recipe of the SUV coupe is known from the Macan’s bigger brother, the other possible Macan remains a mystery. One plausible scenario would be to stretch out the wheelbase and create additional legroom for passengers sitting in the back. That would make sense considering LWB models continue to be all the rage in China, which last year was by far Porsche’s biggest individual market. In the People’s Republic, the company sold a whopping 80,108 vehicles or close to 23,000 units more than the United States, the second largest market.

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