Electric overtakes petrol as buyers' intended next car purchase | DrivingElectric

For the first time, more UK consumers are intending to buy an electric car rather than a petrol one the next time they go car-shopping, according to new data from DrivingElectric’s parent company Autovia.

Using an independent Customer Data Platform-based tracker, results showed that electric cars made up around one in three intended future purchases – a higher proportion than ever before.

Insights from the study also revealed that only around one in 10 consumers are considering a diesel for their next purchase, while the proportion of consumers considering either a plug-in or “self-charging” hybrid remained consistent with previous studies – at around 7.5% and 15% respectively. 

Chart of results from Autovia Customer Data Platform research

Autovia’s unique Customer Data Platform is used to track the intended car-buying plans of those in its audience who are ‘in-market’, and then uses this to create connections with dealers and manufacturers. This approach is more reliable for revealing underlying trends than traditional surveys, as results are less likely to be influenced by short-term events.

By permanently tracking the intentions of consumers who are thinking about their next car, Autovia is able to help manufacturers and customers to more effectively plan their transition to zero-emission motoring.

Steve Fowler, Autovia’s editor-in-chief, says that car buyers’ intentions closely mirror the constant growth in reader demand for electric-car insight across the company’s magazines and websites, such as Driving Electric. “With EVs now stretching their lead as the most popular future choice among our highly engaged audiences, it’s clear a turning point has been reached,” he noted.


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