Election vote 2019: Can you vote online? Do you have to go to polling station to vote?

Britain’s electoral contest could not be tighter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday, a day before the vote. He told Sky News: “I’m just saying to everybody the risk is very real that we could tomorrow be going into another hung parliament, that’s more drift, more dither, more delay, more paralysis for this country.”

Last night, YouGov released the final MRP poll – the model which correctly called 93 percent of seats in 2017 – of 2019.

The poll showed if the election were held now the Tories could win 339 seats – 22 more than they took in 2017- with a vote share of 43 percent.

While Labour could lose 31 seats – falling from 262 in 2017 to 231.

If this result played out it would be the Conservative’s best performance since 1987 but Labour’s worst performance since 1983.

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You can also vote by post. Postal votes can be cast by post if an individual cannot or does not wish to attend a polling station.

However, if you’ve not already registered for a postal vote it is now too late as the deadline has passed.

Some people chose to vote by proxy. This is when registered voters apply for someone else to vote on their behalf.

Unfortunately the deadline for this has also passed – although emergency proxy votes are available for extenuating circumstances.


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