Election TV debate results: Tories victorious but viewers brand ‘bickering kids’ a ‘farce’

On Friday night senior members of the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Brexit Party took part in a televised election debate. Chaired by Nick Robinson, the debate began with tributes to the victims of the London Bridge attack earlier that day.

The politicians were then quizzed on the economy, the NHS, immigration and Brexit as the debate got underway.

The general election is less than two weeks away, taking place on Thursday, December 12.

Who took part in the debate?

  • Conservatives’ Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak
  • Labour’s shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson
  • SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
  • Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price
  • Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas
  • Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice

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Express.co.uk asked readers to vote on who they thought had given the best performance during the debate, and the Conservatives were chosen as the clear winners.

In 15 hours, a total of 7,811 votes were cast between the seven participants.

Mr Sunak won the poll for the Tories with 41 percent (3,180 votes), followed by Mr Tice for the Brexit Party with 26 percent (1,952 votes).

Next was Labour’s Ms Long-Bailey with 10 percent (741 votes) believing she performed the best, and in fourth was SNP leader Ms Sturgeon with seven percent (597 votes).

This sentiment was echoed by another who wrote: “Wasnt worth watching same slagging each other off so called politicians”.

However, some were in support of both the Conservatives and The Brexit Party with one writing: “Even if the Brexit party were at their worst they would be the best”.

Another said: “Well well, the 2 Brexit supporting parties are the clear winners“ to which another reader commented: “By a country mile.”

One reader was unimpressed with the BBC debate, saying it added nothing to the election and was badly handled when participants spoke over one another.

She wrote: “Who won the debate? No one! And no one gained an iota of information worth hearing much less remembering.

“Simply because the whole thing is an absolute farce with shrewish women talking over other people’s responses and a useless presenter not stopping this disgraceful habit of interrupting people.

“These politicians lack manners, especially the women (I am a woman and these strident politicians put our gender to shame).

“If I was in charge of such programmes, I would warn the panelists [sic] that anyone interrupting the responses of anyone else while it was not their turn to speak would have their mike switched off and the spotlight turned off their spot until the next question.

“Two such rude interventions would result in them being ejected in disgrace from the debate.

“That would ensure that the public has the chance to hear each politician’s contributions (good, bad or indifferent) and then judge their responses accordingly. As it is, these ‘debates’ are of no value, whatsoever.”

Are there more election debates to come?

There are three more election debates scheduled to take place, one being as soon as Sunday night.

  • The ITV Election Debate, Sunday, December 1, 7pm (ITV)
    Similar to the BBC’s event, the seven main political parties have all been invited to attend Sunday’s two hour TV debate.
  • The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate – Friday, December 6, 8.30pm (BBC One)
    This will be between Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn, hosted by Nick Robinson
  • BBC Question Time special for under-30s, Monday, December 9, 8:30pm (BBC One)
    An audience of under-30s will question senior figures from each of the main parties hosted by Emma Barnett.


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