Election polls tracker LIVE: Tories SOAR with biggest lead yet as Labour manifesto snubbed

The most recent party to publish its manifesto was the Conservatives, with the oft-repeated vow to “get Brexit done” as well as promising 50,000 more nurses in a plan to “forge a new Britain”. Labour’s manifesto, launched last week, was met with scepticism, as the party pledged billions upon billions of pounds in its most “radical” manifesto in decades. Follow Express.co.uk below as we track the latest from the opinion polls ahead of the December 12 snap election.


One poll, conducted by Opinium between November 20 and 22, polled a sample of 2,003 British adults.

The results show the strongest lead for the Tories yet, as Labour’s controversial manifesto, coupled with the Brexit Party standing down in Tory seats, makes way for a Conservative landslide.

Opinium poll results:

  • Conservative – 47 percent
  • Labour – 28 percent
  • Lib Dem – 12 percent
  • SNP – 5 percent
  • Brexit Party – 3 percent
  • Green – 3 percent
  • Other – 2 percent

This 19 percent lead for the Tories, if it manifested, would deliver the strong majority Boris Johnson needs to deliver policy and move on.

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However, not all the polls show as strong a lead, and most still show Labour holding strong.

The latest from YouGov, conducted between November 21 and 22, polled 1,677 British adults.

On voting intention, most parties held their percentage when compared with the previous poll on November 18 to 19.

YouGov poll results:

  • Conservative: 42 percent
  • Labour: 30 percent
  • Lib Dems: 16 percent
  • The Brexit Party: 3 percent
  • SNP: 4 percent
  • Green: 4 percent
  • Other: 1 percent

So who will win?

While opinion polls are a good place to start, they have been drastically wrong in the past and are no guarantee of results when it comes to polling day.

There are sites which work to estimate the most likely result of each constituency – you can read more about it HERE.

A look at the odds can be another way to assess who could win the vote next month.

According to Oddschecker, Coral predict Boris Johnson will storm to victory with the Conservatives – offering a staggering 1/16 on a Tory majority.

The bookies are also offering 12/1 that Labour will secure a majority and 100/1 it will be the Lib Dems in control.

As things stand, Boris Johnson looks set to sweep up a majority, reinforcing his mandate to deliver his plans.

But, as politicians are all too aware, 17 days is a long time in politics, and the fight is not over yet.


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