Election LIVE: Labour ready to hold talks on dumping Corbyn in desperation to enter No10

Lord Kerslake, who is advising the party in preparation for Government, has analysed a range of scenarios that may happen following the vote on December 12. The crossbench peer told Sky News if the Tories fail to win a majority, then Labour would try and form a minority Government with the support of another party in a “confidence and supply agreement”. Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has repeatedly ruled out working with Labour under the leadership of Mr Corbyn.

The SNP has outlined a set of demands including another independence referendum if they are to do any deals with another party.

Lord Kerslake said the demands by the other parties in order to work with Labour “would form part of the conversation”.

He added: “We don’t yet know in truth how that would play out, although the Liberal Democrats have said they could not support a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s position could be under threat if Labour form a minority Government (Image: GETTY )

“And the SNP have said they would want a second referendum.

“All of that would form part of the conversation that Labour would be having informally with those two parties.”

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson unveiled the Tory’s manifesto yesterday (Image: GETTY )

9.40pm update: Lord Heseltine urges Tory voters to support Lib Dems in election

Lord Heseltine has urged voters to support the Liberal Democrats in the general election.

Lord Heseltine, when asked what advice he would give voters, said: “I’m telling them to vote for what they believe and what the Conservative Party has stood for all my life and certainly all of theirs – and to put country first.

“And what I think that means in practical terms is they either vote for the defrocked Conservative candidates, of which we have three excellent examples here, or they vote Lib Dem.”

9.00pm update: Huge number of Labour Leave voters considering abandoning Corbyn – shock election poll

More than 20 percent of Brexit-backing Labour voters are considering whether to abandon Jeremy Corbyn at next month’s general election, a poll has revealed.

A poll by YouGov, found Brits who voted for the Labour Party in 2017, but to Leave the EU in 2016, were almost twice as likely to be unsure on whether to back Mr Corbyn in the 2019 December election, than those who voted to Remain.

Of those surveyed, 24 percent of Labour Leave voters “don’t know” whether they should support Mr Corbyn next month.

8.30pm update: Sturgeon claims Corbyn will grant second Scottish referendum

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has claimed Jeremy Corbyn will grant Scotland a second Independence referendum if the SNP and Labour do a deal at the election.

Ms Sturgeon has claimed it is a matter of timing not if IndyRef2 takes place.

She told the BBC: “It doesn’t appear to be the principle of a second independence referendum that Jeremy Corbyn is quibbling about now, it’s the timing.

“So for the sake of a year he’s going to turn his back on his chance to govern with a Labour government, and do all of these other things he says he wants to do, I don’t find that credible”.

7.30pm update: How Leavers could oust Yvette Cooper and Labour’s top Remainers

Yvette Cooper and many other Labour MPs from Brexit heartlands could face annihilation in the December 12 general election, unearthed reports suggest.

Labour’s Brexit plan – which now includes a commitment to a second referendum – has steadily been moving to the Remain side, risking an alienation of their pro-Leave constituents.

There are over 150 Labour constituencies with a Brexit majority and a number of these only narrowly voted for Labour during the 2017 general election.

According to a recent report by the Daily Telegraph, there are 23 recording a margin of victory less than 15 percent and a Leave majority of over 60 percent.

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson hold the Conservatives welsh manifesto (Image: REUTERS )

6.40pm update: Labour candidate HUMILIATED after hailing Boris a ‘legend’ on Facebook

A Labour Party candidate has been left red-faced after a Twitter post of him gushing over Boris Johnson was unearthed that saw him hail the Tory Party leader a “legend”.

James Wilder, 25, is standing is the safe Conservative seat of Newbury, Berkshire, and was praising Mr Johnson, the then-Tory Mayor of London, in a series of Twitter posts that also saw the would-be MP suggest he would want him to be his father.

The post was in relation to the 2012 Olympics held in London.

It read: “Boris Johnson is a legend dancing to the Spice Girls!! ‘Great closing ceremony! Great Olympics!!”

6.00pm update: Election POLL: Does Tory manifesto make you more likely to vote for them? VOTE HERE

5.30pm update: Labour close gap on Tories to seven points in latest poll

The Conservative party has seen its lead cut to just seven points from Labour in the latest opinion poll.

The ICM poll for Reuters found support for Boris Johnson’s party fell by one point to 41 percent.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party was up two points to 34 percent.

The Liberal Democrats were unchanged on 13 percent while the Brexit Party was down one point to four percent.

ICM surveyed 2,004 people online between November 22-25.

4.45pm update: Dominic Cummings say Tories will win election majority and get Brexit done

Dominic Cummings has vowed the Conservatives will win a majority at the general election and then get Brexit done when confronted by stop Brexit campaigner Steve Bray this afternoon.

Boris Johnson’s special advisor and Brexit Mastermind was asked about the the Tory party’s decision to change is CCHQ Twitter name to ‘factcheckUK’ during the election debate between the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Bray: “Who came up with the factcheck site, was that you?”

He added: “But that was a bad idea wasn’t it.”

Mr Cummings then fired back and insisted Mr Bray was a “bit dodgy” on his facts.

He added: “Here’s fact Brexit is coming 31st of January.”

Mr Cummings added: “This time we are going to have a majority and then we are going to get out.”

4.05pm update: Boris to open up worldwide markets for welsh lamb

Boris Johnson said: “What we will do is make sure that we open up more markets for welsh lamb, it is quite incredible that in China they do not eat it at all, in America, why should New Zealand be supplying huge quantities of lamb to China when we in the UK do not, when we in Wales do not.”

Mr Johnson then points out that Wales is geographically closer to China than New Zealand.

3.50pm update: Boris to bring back steel industry and support welsh farmers

Boris Johnson said: “We are going to have a growth deal for the border areas and we will back the steel industry here in Wales, we’ll back welsh farmers by the way.

“I speak as somebody who grew up on a hill farm and I know how hard it can be.

“There are fantastic opportunities here for welsh farmers.

“Yes of course we are going to protect them by insisting that we will never compromise our animal welfare standards indeed we are going to raise them in some ways.”

boris johnson

Election 2019 live: Boris Johnson has launched the Tory manifesto in Wales (Image: SKY )

3.45pm update: Boris promises major upgrades to infrastructure in Wales ‘where Welsh Labour have failed’

Boris Johnson said: “Here in Wales you will find that we are doing all sorts of wonderful things, upgrading the A55 for instance.

“Where Welsh Labour have failed with the M4 bypass, we are going to make sure the Brynglas Tunnels and I am told the Brynglas Tunnels are currently like to nostrils of the welsh dragon, currently blocked.

“We are going to apply the vicks inhaler to the Brynglas Tunnel and we are going to get it done.”

3.35pm update: Boris vows to level up the playing field

Boris Johnson said: “Our ambition is to unite and level up across the whole of the UK because I believe passionately as a Conservative that talent, genius, ability, flair is evenly distributed around the whole of the UK but opportunity is not.

“Our job as Conservatives is to give everybody the chance to make the most of their lives.

“And we are going to do that with three things better infrastructure, better education and better technology.”

3.30pm update: Boris takes swipe at Corbyn – ‘prime ditherer’

Boris Johnson has taken a huge swipe at Jeremy Corbyn during his election manifesto launch in north Wales.

Mr Johnson described the Labour leader as the “prime ditherer” and insists Mr Corbyn does not want the keys to Number 10.

Mr Johnson said: “I’ve never known a man campaigning to be prime minister without being willing to tell the electorate which way he would vote on the most important issue facing the country.

“He doesn’t want to be prime minister, he wants to be prime ditherer.

“He used to be indecisive, now he’s not so sure.

“If he sits on the fence any longer the iron is going to enter his soul.”

3.20pm update: Boris delivers Tory manifesto in Wales 

Boris Johnson is launching the Conservative election manifesto in north Wales. 

Mr Johnson spoke about his flagship policies to introduce 50,000 more nurses, 20,000 more police officers and an Australian-style points-based immigration system.


Election 2019 Live: Key Conservative manifesto pledges (Image: EXPRESS)

2:44pm update: Nigel Farage supports the Tory’s unveiled manifesto

Mr Farage said: “I recognise much of the Conservative manifesto because they’re things that I have campaigned on for years, such as hospital parking charges.

“Much of the manifesto was in fact in the Ukip 2015 manifesto, even recent ideas that I’ve announced like not exporting plastic waste for dumping in landfill in China or elsewhere, that’s in there.

“So, I’m pleased that they are changing the agenda. They’re even talking, maybe, about reducing immigration levels and of course Brexit.

“So, I do feel that I recognise a lot of it. My question is, do they mean it and are they going to deliver?”

2:28pm update: Boris Johnson meeting farmers in Wales

In a video uploaded to his social media channels, the Prime Minister said: “Okay folks I am here with a Llanweno g sheep at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Fair and it is fantastic and what a lot of people are saying to me that they want to get Brexit done.

“That is the number one message I am getting from people.

“Whether they have got cattle or whether they have got sheep.

“They want the freedoms that come with Brexit and we are going to look after farmers across the country, particularly here in Wales.”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been talking all things Brexit in Wales (Image: GETTY )

2:24pm update: Corbyn’s pledge to give funds to Waspi women is criticised

Economists have highlighted that women who were actually quite well off would be given cash through this strange payout.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality – wants payments for women born in the 1950s who say they were caught out by the phased moves to equalise the State pension age at 66.

Labour is offering £100 a week to 3.7 million women, with payouts of £15,000 on average and £31,000 for some.

1:22pm update: Boris Johnson’s record of lying and prejudice makes him unfit to be PM, says Umunna

Mr Umunna said: “I am worried that you can say and do the things that Boris Johnson has done and for people to simply dismiss it as a factor that is priced in in this general election.

“I am alarmed that somebody can spew out the range of prejudice that has flowed from his mouth during his time in public office, and lie again and again and again, and it should not be an issue in a general election.

“It should be an issue in a general election when you are talking about giving somebody the keys to No 10 for another five years.

“And so, clearly, I do not believe he is fit to be prime minister. And if you look at the things he has said and done in his behaviour, which follows the Donald Trump playbook, that should disqualify him from being able to be in office in my view. And it is a perfectly legitimate point for us to be making in this general election campaign.”

12:33pm update: Downing Street announced date of new Queen’s Speech 

The Sun’s political editor Tom Newton Dun tweeted: “No10 announces the new Queen’s Speech will be on Thurs Dec 19 if Boris Johnson remains PM, just a week after.

“Paves the way for a WAB 2nd reading vote on the 20th, or even () 23rd/24th. Precise timing for it tbc, dependent on a Tory majority and the size of it.”

11:45am update: Gina Miller urgers voters to think tactically

The campaigner said: “People are getting despondent when they read the headlines forgetting that in 2017, the 15% lead was supposed to translate to a 100+ seat majority for Mrs May. 

“Remain United’s data points to a Boris Johnson majority of 70 seats, BUT this could shrink to zero with pro-Remain smart tactical voting, as it did in 2017.”

Tony Blair

Tony Blair has been speaking at an event about the general election (Image: GETTY )

10:23am update: Labour slams Tories and their NHS claim

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, responding to confusion surrounding the Conservatives’ claims they will recruit 50,000 more nurses in the NHS, said:  “This latest confusion about the Conservatives’ claims on extra nurses shows you can’t trust them with our NHS.

“Nicky Morgan said they would be delivered over 10 years and she couldn’t explain how the Tories will retain overstretched nurses working in today’s NHS.

“Just like with the fake 40 hospitals the Tories are trying to take people for fools now with their fake 50,000 nurses deceit.”

Chuka Umuna

Chuka and the Lib Dems are stepping up their campaigns against Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY )

9:58am update: Tony Blair speaks of the Labour Party ‘promising a revolution’

Speaking today, the former Prime Minister said: “The Labour party manifesto is heralded by its leadership as the most radical ever.

“This is true. It promises a revolution; and if implemented it would indeed amount to one.

“I won’t go through the list of spending pledges, but they’re combined with renationalisation, repeal of union laws, new taxes on business, taking parts of a company’s shareholding into government mandated funds, a stack of new corporate and private sector regulation, and virtually every demand that any pressure group has ever submitted chucked in for good measure.

“The problem with revolutions is never how they begin but how they end.

“Meanwhile we have a policy debate devoid of rational analysis of the real challenges facing modern developed countries: the technological revolution; reform of the public realm as well as investment in it; and the rising power of China which is the biggest geo-political shift of modern western history.”

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn has said he wants to nationalise companies if he wins the election (Image: GETTY )

9:51am update: Tony Blair says both Tory and Labour Party are ‘peddling fantasies’

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “The truth is: the public aren’t convinced either main party deserve to win this election outright.

“They’re peddling two sets of fantasies; and both, as majority governments, pose a risk it would be unwise for the country to take.”

9:30am update: Desperate Lib Dem’s fire at Boris Johnson slamming him ‘President Trump’s poodle’

Foreign Affairs spokesman Chuka Umunna was due to make a speech in Watford this morning where he was due to call Mr Johnson “part of a global network of populist, right wing, authoritarian nationalists” and “President Trump’s poodle”.

The Lib Dems have accepted there is likely to be a Tory government and are now trying to reduce the number of Conservative MPs in the Parliament.

7:40am update: City dwellers less likely to vote than people living in the countryside

In the election in 2017, the highest voter turnout was Brighton and the lowest was Hull.

Two years ago, 67 percent of voters in large towns or cities went to the polling stations, and elsewhere turnout was at 70 percent.

7:20am update: Tories pledge of 50,000 more nurses criticised

This figure actually includes 18,500 existing nurses who will be encouraged to remain within the NHS or attracted back after leaving by new measures. 

7am update: The Scottish Greens are to launch their manifesto at an event in Glasgow this morning.

(Additional reporting by Laura Mowat)


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