Elden Ring is a ‘natural evolution of Dark Souls’ says Hidetaka Miyazaki

Elden Ring – not Dark Souls 4 but definitely Dark Souls esque

FromSoftware’s new game is more similar to Dark Souls than Sekiro, as its creator confirms an open world and explains the name.

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One of the biggest announcements of E3 was confirmation that Dark Souls developer FromSoftware really is working with Game Of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin on a new game, revealed as Elden Ring.

But apart from that name, and the implication of a high fantasy setting, almost nothing else was revealed about the game – which was implied not to be out for some time.

According to Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki though Elden Ring is a third person action role-playing game and, ‘The gameplay is not so far from Dark Souls. That doesn’t mean that the gameplay will be identical, but you could say that Elden Ring belongs to the same genre.’

Speaking to IGN, he confirmed rumours that the game has an open world environment, saying: ‘While the narrow and complex dungeons of our previous games were indeed interconnected, Elden Ring’s environments will be much more open and vast.’

‘With a larger world, new systems and action mechanics inevitably become necessary,’ he added. ‘In that sense, I think that Elden Ring is a more natural evolution of Dark Souls.’

Miyazaki also confirmed horseback combat but implied that there would be no villages in the usual open world sense, as most are likely to be deserted – as in the existing Dark Souls games.

He also revealed that rather than writing the main story for the game George R. R. Martin has primarily helped with the backstory and that the titular Elden Ring is not a Lord of the Rings style piece of jewellery but ‘the rules and rhythm of the world’ that has been broken.

Elden Ring – From’s first open world game

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