Effective Tips For Roof Maintenance

Tips For Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance Tips

The roof is an important part of your home and it should never be overlooked. Many people have the habit of only working on their roof when there is something wrong with it. There are also many others who consider working on the roof after monsoons. However, there are many roof maintenance tasks which homeowners can complete by themselves.

Loose debris removal

The roof goes through a lot of seasons and tremendous amount of wear and tear. You need to keep it clean by removing any branches, debris or leaves which have accumulated in the winters. You might seek another person’s help for the same and set up a ladder which will help you access the roof and easily remove the debris. Make it a point to complete the roof maintenance tasks in a single day when it is sunny and the roof is dry. This will also prevent slippage.

Regular inspection and repairs

You need to check the attic for stains that might indicate that water is seeping into the home. If you notice stains, you will have to examine the roof of your home for any missing or loose shingles and then check the shingles for mold or worn spots which could be due to cracks, curling or peeling. You also need to check for missing flashing or nails and replace them at the earliest. If you notice curling, peeling or even partially lifted shingles in more than one area on the roof, you need to understand that the roof is at the end of the usability. You need to replace the roof at the earliest to ensure that there is no water seepage. Mike Johnson from PRR247.com  says that a new roof on your home can increase the value of your home considerably.

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Mold and moss removal

It is important to remove the mold or moss from the roof and this can be done by gently spraying a roof moss remover on the areas that have been affected. Simply follow the cleaner’s instructions and wait for the solution to do its work. You can then brush away the mold and moss with a broom or a brush.

Gutters, fascia and downspouts

Any debris from the downspouts and the gutter can be removed by hand. You need to wear thick rubber gloves to clean the roof from any dirt and debris. Use a soft bristled brush to scrub away the dirt. You can then clear away the remaining debris with a hose and check for the paint peeling or fascia rotting. You also need to carefully check for the cracks or holes or any missing gutter sections for leaks. If you notice any damage on the roof, you will have to make repairs, replacement and re paint as and when needed. Do not delay the repair and maintenance process because it could lead to huge trouble in the future. You will have to install gutter covers or screens in order to reduce the yearly cleaning time and to keep yourself safe from falling off the ladder.

Vent, chimney and skylight openings

After working on the major sections of the roof, you will have to work on the vent, chimney and the skylights. You can do so by closing off the fireplace and then cleaning the chimney with a brush. You can then inspect the chimney for any type of damage like cracked bricks or mortar or a missing brick. Seal the chimney with a masonry after performing repairs if need be. At the end of the process, you need to inspect and repair the vent outlets and the skylights.

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Take precautions when you perform any work on the roof and use a roof safety harness at all times. You might feel overwhelmed at the idea of roof inspection and maintenance but if you do not do it on time, it will be time consuming and very costly affair. You should not overlook the importance of an efficient roof and keep in mind that any preventive work you do today will only benefit you in the future. A well maintained and clean roof can also improve the value of the home and when you resell your home, you will be able to negotiate a better rate. If you are not very confident about making the repairs and replacement yourself, you might want to call a professional to help you with the same. The professionals have knowledge and expertise in the industry and help you with quick repairs and replacement.

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