Eerie moment ‘UFO tractor beam’ appears over Chinese airport freaking out locals

BIZZARE footage showing a ‘UFO tractor beam’ over a Chinese airport has sent freaked locals into a frenzy.

The eerie sight unfolded in the city of Shenyang earlier this week and was captured on film by bewildered witnesses.

Unusual footage shows a 'light beam' in the sky


Unusual footage shows a ‘light beam’ in the sky
It's unworldly qualities stopped many locals in their tracks


It’s unworldly qualities stopped many locals in their tracks

In the video, posted by the New York Post, shows a sizeable beam of light can be seen looming over a building in a scene that would not look out of place in a sci-fi film.  

It was so striking that it even caused local travellers on the overpass in the Chinese city to stop and stare.

And, as it later began to gain traction on social media, imaginative viewers began to theorise if the weird pillar of light could be from another world.

Some suggested it could be the use of alien technology such a holograms and even a portal to another dimension.

One even went as far as describing it’s shape like “a dragon.”

However, other users on Reddit were quick to spoil the party and the “outlandish” suggestions as they pointed out that the ‘beam’ is likely to be a result of the suns reflection.

One theorised: “Sun shining through pollution?”

While another concurred saying: “Pretty sure it’s a sun reflecting off the building shining through fog.”

A local meteorologist Xia Chuandong later confirmed the theory – explaining that the thick clouds in the area largely obscured the structure.

As a result, water vapor in the air amplified the light to cause the freakish effect.

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Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Unfortunately, this is the building pictured on a clear day


Unfortunately, this is the building pictured on a clear day
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