eBay wins Black Friday 2019 sales war with £99 Xbox One S and 3 games

Surely no-one’s going to beat this price? (pic: Microsoft)

A brand-new Xbox One S All Digital console, plus Minecraft, Sea Of Thieves, and Fortnite, can now be yours for less than £100.

It all started with Lidl and their £129 deal for an Xbox One S All Digital console and three pack-in games for £129.99.

That was so good most other stores started copying them, such as Amazon and GAME, before Tesco went one better with almost exactly the same deal (it has Fortnite instead of Forza Horizon 3) for just £109.

You have to go in-store to Tesco to pick it up but that’s not actually the cheapest deal of them all, as eBay has announced the same bundle for just £99.

That’s at least half priced compared to what most places were charging for the bundle a few months ago, and nets you the console (the version without a disc drive, so everything has to be downloaded) and the games Minecraft, and Sea Of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon 3 is the one set in Australia, not the more recent Forza Horizon 4, but it’s still a great game and so too are the evergreens Minecraft and Sea Of Thieves. (Fortnite isn’t officially included but that’s free to download anyway.)

Exactly how much stock there’s going to be of it isn’t clear, but if you want to take the safe route and pay an extra tenner to get it from Tesco be aware that even the so-called 24-hour ones are closing at midnight tonight and opening again at 5am tomorrow.

It seems a bit late in the generation to be camping outside shops to get a new Xbox, but if you want to be sure that’s always an option…

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