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f you’re into interiors – whether that’s because you’ve just bought a home that’s in need of some TLC or because you simply enjoy refreshing your current surroundings – investing in new furnishings isn’t exactly an easy, cheap fix.

Not only does finding exactly what you’re after take a while, it can also be a very expensive endeavour. Of course, you’re lucky with the number of interior brands and retailers available online, sometimes to sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

But we’re here to introduce you to your next go-to destination for all things discounted furnishings: eBay home outlet. For the uninitiated, it’s an online destination where big-name brands and trusted resellers offer huge discounts on bestselling items.

You can find brand new and near new furniture and mattress from the likes of EmmaErcolBrabantiaMade, and Oliver Bonas. You don’t need to take it from us, but after a simple scroll, you’ll notice just how good its offering is.

Unsure where to start? Of course, we’re here to help. We’ve handpicked our favourite items from the eBay home outlet. Each one is sure to give your home the TLC it deserves. You’re welcome.

Living room


Buy now (was £999, now £399.99,

Swoon is one of our favourite brands thanks to its high-end furnishings. And thanks to eBay’s home outlet you can now secure one of its chairs for a fraction of the price. Case in point this light pink armchair, which looks inordinately comfortable.

If you’re looking for something slightly larger, we’ve also got our eyes on this Holton velvet love seat (was £1099, now £769.99,, which looks like ideal place to while away the hours with a book. Although, if neither of these take your fancy, we’re quite sure there’s something else in the Swoon outlet for you.

Dining room


Buy now (Was £499, now £309.99,

This dining table can seat up to four people, so it’s ideal for small households. The design and the fact it’s made from mango wood gives it its cottagecore appeal.

If this piques your interest, you won’t want to miss Swoon’s outlet where you’ll find discounted sofas (was £1,399, now £569.99,, TV stands (was £429, now £299.99,, and more.



Buy now (Was £309, now £262.65,

Emma is one of the leading bed-in-a-box brands, and for good reason too. This is its hybrid mattress, which has four layers, including foam for support and pocket springs for a little extra bounce. It’s said to be ideal for all types of sleepers, even if those of you that snooze on your back.

So, if it’s a comfortable mattress you’re after, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve secured one for just £262 – an absolute steal when you consider the RRP is often in the region of £809 for a double.


Buy now (Was £649, now £349,

If you bought the Emma mattress above (good decision), now’s the time to give your bedroom a real update by investing in this bed frame. With a dark grey upholstered headboard and a wooden frame, it’s likely to suit most bedroom decors. Plus, as it’s an ottoman bed it’s got plenty of storage space underneath the mattresss.

With more than 45 per cent off, it’s really a no-brainer, but if it’s not quite to your taste, the Dreams outlet hosts a whole range of other bed frames at a similarly reduced price, including this teal velvet frame (was £599, now £299,



Buy now (Was £57, now £34.49,

While this might not be the most exciting purchase you make on eBay’s home outlet, it’s certainly a wise one if you’re kitting out a new kitchen. It has a 10l capacity and a sleek, slimline design that means it’s likely to fit in a small space. But, thanks to the mirror detailing we think it’ll look nice in any kitchen, regardless of décor.

The best thing is that it comes with a 10-year guarantee and Brabantia is on a mission to be more planet-friendly and to make its designs circular by 2035. As such a trusted brand, we’d recommend browsing the Brabantia outlet for more discounted kitchenware and bathroom essentials.

For more offers on big-name furniture brands and 30 day returns head to the eBay home outlet now


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