Eamonn Holmes says recovery is like 'learning to walk again' after chronic pain

Eamonn Holmes has admitted his recovery is like ‘learning to walk again’ after suffering painful chronic back pain.

The TV presenter updated fans on his condition after it emerged he had three slipped discs in his back, causing him nerve damage in his right leg and needing crutches.

Following several hospital trips and sleepless nights, the 61-year-old says is now doing physio which he admits has been ‘hard’.

In a video on posted on Twitter on Friday, the ITV star said: “It all looks very simple and it is very simple, except it’s like learning to walk again.

The TV presenter needs to use a crutch

“I’ve lost nerves in my right leg and there’s certain actions I can’t do. Even the most simple thing is hard. But it’s getting better.”

He also tweeted: “Working on my balance and leg weakness. Have to build nerve ends back in my right leg – but going well.

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“I was doing almost baby exercises today…. in fact so easy did they look that I thought I would give you an insight and a laugh.”

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Eamonn has also undergone a series of injections, massages, workouts and pressure socks and says he’s made ‘a lot of progress’.

It come as the ITV star believes he’s over the worst of his chronic back pain after receiving the treatment.

He told fans that his condition does not affect him sitting in a studio

He told fans that his condition does not affect him sitting in a studio after they asked him why he was not on TV next week.

Eamonn said he still needs to make more progress but thanked fans who have shared their stories with him along the way.

He added: “Got to strengthen my back now. Small steps , literally. But feeling positive. Thanks for sharing your stories.”

Normally Eamonn and Ruth present the show during half terms and holidays, but next week Dermot and Alison are taking over.

Asked if his back pain was the reason he wouldn’t be on our TV screens next week, Eamonn said: “No it isn’t Barbara…. there’s nothing stopping me sitting in a studio.”

He didn’t elaborate more.


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