Dylon Dyes launches first-ever capsule collection

Dylon Dyes has teamed up with stylist, fashion entrepreneur and thrifter Kavita Donkersley of SheWearsFashion to create its first-ever capsule collection.

The collaboration is part of Dylon Dyes’ ‘Re-Dye Don’t Re-Buy’ initiative to help people reduce their carbon footprint while helping the textile industry lower its carbon emissions. The capsule collection has been designed to inspire people to re-create their wardrobes without purchasing new garments and to highlight the fact that by re-dyeing a pair of black jeans you can save nearly 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide over buying a new pair.

The capsule collection features a turtleneck jumper, button-down shirt, jeans, denim jacket, white canvas trainers, socks, smock-style dress, sweatshirt, joggers, a white T-shirt and a headband. Each piece has been upcycled using techniques, such as dyeing, appliquéing and sewing to extend the garments longevity and give it a new lease of life and colour.

Image: courtesy of Dylon Dyes

The initiative also includes online upcycling step-by-step guides to show consumers exactly how they can recreate the items at home, featuring inspiration on party wear, loungewear, weekend style and office attire.

Nasim Bagherian, senior brand manager at Dylon Dyes, said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to be working with Kavita! She has such a great style and her love for thrifting and slow fashion is aligned with our sustainability policies, so we knew she would be the perfect partner to bring the capsule collection to life. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to completely transform clothes and extend their life. This not only allows them to stay on-trend by spending a minimal amount, but it also benefits the environment. We hope the how-to guides will help and inspire the nation to get thrifty.”

Kavita Donkersley added: “I love taking something old and turning it into something fresh and new, just because an item is old or can no longer fulfil its original purpose doesn’t mean it should go into the bin. That’s why I am so excited to partner with Dylon Dyes on their first ever capsule collection. Not only am I a huge fan of Dylon and a regular user, I’m also incredibly passionate about the message behind the collection and the wider ‘Re-Dye, Don’t Re-Buy’ initiative.”

The capsule launches on the back of a new academic report, commissioned by Dylon Dyes, looking into the environmental impact of people buying new clothes instead of re-dyeing their existing garments.

The report reveals that British consumers are notorious for their fast fashion consumption and buy more clothes per person compared with any other country in Europe, spending 1,807 pounds annually to keep up with the latest trends. With 66 percent of those surveyed admitting to buying the same number or more garments currently than they used to two years ago. However, one in three (34 percent) are now consciously buying less clothing, with environmental impact being one of their key reasons.


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