DUST, the Brand's Story

“I was looking to buy a new briefcase and I didn’t find one that I like. So I created the first one for me.”

“Of all the works of man I like best those which have been used… These are happy works. Absorbed into the service of the many. Frequently altered, they improve their shape, grow precious because so often appreciated. All this delights me.”

Happy Objects

When we decided to create the DUST brand, we took on something that was more than a normal business. Our ten-year experience in working with leather, the craftsmanship that we put in our work, do not only contribute to making high- quality bags with an elegant design. We wanted more, we wanted to be part of the experience of those who choose our product.

The beautiful poem by Bertolt Brecht that you read a part of above is the perfect summary of what we wanted. We wanted to create “happy objects” because they are used by you and reflect what you do with them once you have them.

Objects That Last

We decided to use DUST’s passion to authenticate the value of lost time. We live in a world of disposable products: our smartphones that we change every two years, our old computers that we replace, our wardrobe that we renew when our clothes become unfashionable.

We want ours to be the objects that last. In memories, in the worn beauty so that they become sacred witnesses of a true humanity, a love of pure things.

The peculiarity of leather is that it goes against the flow of consumerism because its consumption over time enriches its value. An aged leather, corroded through use and time becomes more beautiful and precious. For us what makes it priceless is above all the idea that a leather bag can accompany you throughout your life. Filled with your memories, your hands, your day.

If we think of this bag as the intermediary between our artisan hands and your life, then our job, our passion becomes a mission. We create something that you give life to.

The objects tell stories; and we want to be in yours. Your story, your life steeped in the use of a happy object that becomes valuable because you value it.

When a briefcase or travel bag collects the dreams, sacrifices, hard work and joy of the one who uses it, it becomes a symbol, a living status. We create small containers of emotions and to do that we must take the utmost care in creating it. Through the job well done, we know that we have done something important for you because you will carry it with you.

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