Drivers warned about ‘dangerous’ de-icing trick to avoid when getting rid of ice and frost from cars

ROAD experts are warning about a defrosting ‘trick’ which promises to clear your windscreen in minutes – saying it’s risky and expensive.

Motorists have been mixing lukewarm water with rubbing alcohol before pouring it on their windscreen.

Drivers have been warned against the risky and overpriced hack by the AA


Drivers have been warned against the risky and overpriced hack by the AACredit: Getty

They claimed the solution would “melt the ice” within minutes.

But the claims don’t stand up to basic scrutiny, road experts said.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, told The Sun the wacky idea was indeed too good to be true.

He said: “This sounds like a very expensive way to clear your windscreen.

“A 500ml bottle of rubbing alcohol is £5 at Boots, whereas a ready-made de-icer solution is £3 at Halfords.”

Cousens also said most homes won’t have rubbing alcohol lying around, anyway.

And a bit of love and attention for your windscreen in the form of a proper ice scraper and a few minutes’ clearing will do the job much better.

He added: “That’s all anyone really needs. If you really want a de-icer solution the easiest and cheapest option is to buy one.”

So ignore the life hacks and go back to basics for an easy winter behind the wheel.

Top solutions to your winter driving challenges include using your ice scraper properly and not using the kettle.

You should add de-icer to your car’s washer fluid, too.

We’ve also listed our top Christmas driving tips, which include making sure you clear your roof.

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And you can read all about the fines and fees you must avoid this winter.

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