Dove Cameron dropped her skincare routine and we are devouring every piece of advice

Dove Cameron describes her approach to skincare as “selective maximalism.” Which, if you’re one of the 41 million people who tracks her every move on Instagram, you’ll know describes her overall vibe to a T.

The 25-year-old singer and actor has perfected the art of going all out without going over the top: a whimsical, body-engulfing ruffled dress paired with no-makeup makeup, a fabulous Ralph and Russo slip with a simple, sleek bun. In her skincare routine, this translates to using a wide range of products, but also tailoring what she reaches for based on how her skin is feeling on any given day.

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“Skin is a sort of language that I’ve always spoken,” Cameron says. “If you’re in touch with your skin, you can listen to what it does and doesn’t like.” For her, that means doing the “absolute most” to take care of her complexion—exfoliating and getting facials often (particularly before big events) but also sticking to a constant rotation of basics and pulling out the heavy hitters when she needs them.

“I feel like I’m lucky because my skin is very combination, but in the way that I would want it to be,” she says. “It’s oily to the point where I’ll have a nice glow throughout the day. But it can get dry as well, so I’m always slathering on, like, nine different kinds of oils and moisturisers.”

Ahead of the launch of her new song “LazyBaby” (a fun anthem about bouncing back after heartbreak that’s coming soon), we asked Cameron to drop her routine. Here’s what she can’t live without.

Follow Dove Cameron on Instagram @dovecameron. This interview has been edited and condensed.


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