Do’s and Don’ts of Using Artificial Pest Control Agents

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Artificial Pest Control Agents

Pests are unwanted guests that seem never to go away. There is always a question on the use of artificial pest control methods, as doubts of their safety tend to ring loud on people’s head.

The myth that all artificial pest control agents are harmful is false and you have to make sure that you are using a safe and effective product.

To control pests effectively you should try prevention first. This will help you prevent issues that arise from unwarranted pests.

The following steps help in prevention:

  • leaky plumbing should be fixed and avoid water that accumulates anywhere in your home
  • Food should be stored in plastic or glass containers and remove garbage regularly from your home.
  • Ensure sources of food and shelter are well sealed and shelters destroyed
  • Close off places where pests can enter sneak in and hide
  • Check boxes for pests before carrying them to your home
  • Avoid unnecessary clutter as these provide the perfect breeding grounds for pests.


Safely and Correctly Use the Pest Control Agent

You should ensure that pets and children are kept away from areas where pest control agents have been applied. Pesticides that lie loose should only be applied to specific target locations and not sprayed all over the room.

Always ensure that you read the labels’ safety warnings and label instructions to ensure you are using the correct quantity required.

The best way to prevent a mix up is to use ready-to-use products. These are products that do not require you to do any mixing as you may mess a little on the capacity needed.

Only apply chemicals that are approved for use in homes to avoid unnecessary issues that might prove harmful.

Dispose of Used Pesticides and Containers Properly

Always ensure that you have checked the label and find out the proper methods to get rid of the pesticide and the container. Pest Control companies like Empire Pest Control ( will make sure that the pesticides are disposed of safely.


Don’t Use Outdoor Chemicals Indoors

Most chemicals are designed for outdoor use and are very dangerous when used indoors. They will remain toxic on the inside longer than they would on the outside.

Always open windows to allow for ventilation and air circulation immediately after spraying the chemical give it time to sit before eventually closing the windows.

Don’t Put Pesticides in other Containers

Store the pesticides in the containers they originally came in to prevent confusion and mix as much as you are going to need. Children are vulnerable to bad labeling and might be poisoned if the chemicals are wrongly placed.

Do not assume that because you have washed a specific container that it is safe from chemicals as the remnants of the pesticide could harm someone.

Don’t Assume that the More the Better

The instructions on how much should be used should be adhered to. Assuming that adding more works best is a myth that should be debugged with facts. These chemicals are tested with experts and the recommended amount stated should be just enough to handle your issue.  

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